King Paimon, the one who has changed my life

The first ritual I performed was with King Paimon. I became interested in Ars Goetia demons, and it felt like King Paimon’s seal was calling to me when I saw it for the first time. I immediately had a special and positive feeling about it. During my first ritual, when I stood in my circle and opened my arms to the sky, something very special happened; there was a loud thunderclap with lightning and a fierce storm, even though the sun had been shining just moments before. It seemed to be happening directly above my house, and the thunder was so deafeningly loud that I was certain it was King Paimon confirming his presence to me.

Since that first ritual, I have performed many rituals with King Paimon, and I have a success rate of 100% with all of them. Thus, King Paimon has significantly changed my life. In practice, I have noticed that he can particularly influence the minds of people, shaping their thoughts and perceptions. King Paimon has helped me more than once to sway another person’s decision in my favor. He is so powerful that he can even alter the minds of rulers and groups of people who share a collective mindset, turning them to my will.

On my spiritual journey with King Paimon, I have learned a lot; each ritual teaches me more about life along the way. As a result, I have freed myself from smoking, weed consumption, and cocaine use, becoming an even stronger person. I have noticed that working with King Paimon, who is often regarded as one of the highest demons under our great master Lucifer, is easy due to the friendly and understanding nature of this demon. King Paimon appears to be one of the highest entities in this universe; wise, decisive, ambitious, and incredibly adept at achieving concrete and high-quality results.

I highly recommend working with King Paimon to everyone, especially those who are starting with black magic.

Are there others who have had a similar experience with this demon?


Congratulations on your sobriety. That shit isn’t easy.


The ego has been a theme for me, and over the years, it has gradually receded into the background. Working with King Paimon, he made it clear to me that it’s not about how others perceive you. Instead, it’s essential to carefully consider what you truly desire and how you incorporate that into your ritual because it will manifest into reality. In the past, for instance, I thought I wanted a villa and a yacht, but now I know that it wouldn’t bring me happiness.

Having success with magic can evoke a very powerful feeling, but the more proficient I become in the rituals, the more contemplative I become, and the more the focus seems to shift towards my personal growth and evolution instead of possessing material things.

What are your personal thoughts on this?


Any tips for beginners? I haven’t had the things I wanted most manifest (yet) maybe a redo?


Hello Eliade :raising_hand_man:t3:I certainly have some tips for you. Firstly, find a working method, preferably a simple one. Follow the structure closely and see if that method works for you. Once you find it effective, you can start experimenting with it. You may add or omit elements or modify certain parts, making the method more personalized and better suited to your needs, thus making it even more powerful and effective.

Secondly, EA Koetting has written a book about what he believes forms the basis of a ritual. Maybe you should read it and try to summarize the book briefly; in other words, create a short manual of what a basic ritual should look like. Perform the ritual, but then completely let go of any expectations regarding the results (this can be challenging for many). If you start pondering after the ritual whether it worked or not, it could significantly slow down your results. So, after the ritual, engage in something else entirely, like running or singing—anything different. Try to fully let go of any expectations.

Thirdly, if you are just starting out, set a goal that is easily achievable. For instance, in rituals involving King Paimon, do you know someone at school or work who treats you very unkindly? Or would you like to change the way a specific person interacts with you? Focus your ritual on that change. The reason behind this is that different demons possess specific qualities, and one key quality of King Paimon is the ability to influence people’s minds.

I wish you much success, and if you have any further questions, you are always welcome to ask. I don’t know everything, of course, but I’ll do my best to assist you. I hope you decide to work with King Paimon because you will eventually see that you can achieve successful results. Don’t forget the importance of the motivation from which you initiate a ritual; make sure you are motivated and truly committed to achieving your goals.


What made you change your mind regarding this, if you don’t mind to answer this question.

And on how level do you think he can influence the mind of powerful men

Regards @Darkheart

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Hello mth_yesco, by working with King Paimon over the years, I have come closer to my goals. A villa and a yacht are merely superficial objectives that will not provide intrinsic satisfaction. During this time, I have earned significant amounts of money, which I have also lost. This has made it very clear to me what is important in a financial context; the most crucial thing (at least for me personally) is a certain foundation and abundance; meaning, I strive for a financial situation in which I can support myself and have a bit extra to share as well. Over time, I have discovered that I enjoy traveling, being free, and exploring new worlds. For that, I don’t need a villa or a yacht.