King Paimon or impostor?

I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Last year I started working with the Goetia and it did not end well, long story short I ended up in the mental ward over some intrusive thoughts that pissed them off. That brings me to today. I started feeling the usual tingles that I recognized as spirit sex. I thought it was just a normal incubus because they tend to hang around me a lot, so I tried to hone in on the energy to make it stronger. It did not work, not until I started thinking randomly about King Paimon. Then the more I consciously thought about him the stronger the energy started to get, until it started feeling more and more like actual sex.

I’m stuck debating if this is the real him or some sick joke being played on me by an impostor spirit, because King Paimon has threatened to kill my family before. It’s safe to say that him and I are not on good terms. However, this wouldn’t be the first time that King Paimon has made sexual advances towards me. He came into my dream once and told me that he would do anything if I let him be with me, so I let him do it. Then I had some more intrusive thoughts about him that day and pissed him off again (sigh.) That’s when he threatened my family.

So I’m not sure what to make of all of this. How do I parse if this is the real King Paimon, and if it is an impostor spirit messing with me how do I get rid of it?

Banish and clease, then in ritual summon Paimon formally. Test the entity that comes by requiring it to show its sigil. If it shows you Pamons sigil then it’s him. Then ask him if the entity from this event was him. You can use pendulums if you practice a bit will it first to build accuracy, or if you have clairsentience you should trust your intuition.

The fact that there is doubt in your mind and there’s a question doesn’t bode that well that it’s not an impostor: that’s intuition there already that it is a parasite of some kind, and your history of attracting parasites doesn’t help.

I would suggest working on your shields and wards to stop that being a problem. Look up the spiritual hygiene tutorials we have here for time of ways to improve this situation.

I’m a bit hesitant to call on King Paimon formally since he’s been so cruel to me, but if this becomes a common occurence it will definitely be something that I will have to consider. I will work on upping my spiritual protecton to weed out if this is an impostor or not. Thanks for the response.

According to my crystal ball, you are experiencing an imposter spirit. Hope this helps!

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Working with these forces Is normal to put in light out personal back ground problema,indipendent of Spirit.
Parassites are mental block nothing else… Nothing strange my friend you have tested your obscurites

Is King Paimon known to be cruel/nasty/vindictive etc.? Have you had any experiences with him?

No, no lower vibes like that… I’ve worked with him a couple of times. :smiley:

I consider all the entities of the Goetia including Paimon to be advanced Djinn and/or higher beings. I feel their agenda is to see humans develop as spiritual beings. They can have strong personalities and you can disagree on things with them, and they can be attracted to humans and invite you to engage in exchange of sexual energy, although sometimes I wonder if that is a human interpretation of the energy involved based on how our systems work.

However the one time a higher being, in my case Samael appeared to be pushy sexually, it turned out to be an impostor that had taken a fancy to me. I also has Azazel offer, but nicely and not in a pushy way and it wasn’t a problem that that wasn’t a think that interested me at the time.

Usually getting more information before doing something irreversible to ruin the relationship is ideal. As in human relationships, calm, selfless communication makes all the difference.


I did a tarot reading about this yesterday and got the answers yes for King Paimon and yes for impostor spirit. I was confused until I realized that this very well could be a spirit under King Paimon’s command, instead of some unrelated spirit messing with me. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of it.

In my workings with King Paimon he is very straight forward in what he wants from you he would never use one from his legions to approach you but do it himself.he leaves no room my mistaking his intentions.

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What pissed of King Paimon in the first place? You mentioned random intrusive thoughts; that doesn’t seem like enough to make him want to kill your family?

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

Apparently it was enough. You see the nature of my intrusive thoughts can be downright blasphemous and threatening. My problem is that I expect him to know that these are just intrusive thoughts and I don’t apologize for them right away, but I did end up apologizing for them eventually. However, I have not yet received an apology for having my family threatened or being put through psychosis.

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Cleanse the space, and tell them to go away at least they’re that specific entity, there’s tools to comunicate with them like dawsing rods, cards or pendulum, in theory rods are the Best way to go, however in My experience King Paymon simply didn’t respond

I tried to contact him using dowsing rods, any idea why he didn’t answer?
I felt an energy watching me

So I just got done doing a pendulum session with King Paimon. I invited him to take control without a formal summoning ritual and his energy came through rather quickly. I usually don’t get anything with the pendulum but this time I could tell that some invisible force was manipulating it. He confirmed that it was not him but a spirit under his command who probably just took a liking to me and that’s all. We’re still not on good terms but he did give me some clarity regarding the situation. Namely he confirmed that it was my intrusive thoughts that set him off and not anything else.


Great, at least You know what was happening

Update: I double checked with my higher self to confirm or deny what King Paimon said and she told me that it was in fact King Paimon himself and not an underling. The bursts of sexual energy I got after that made it very clear, and I’m not sure why he lied when he could have just told the truth, but demons love to fuck with your head I guess. I thought about formally summoning him in a ritual to see what he wants but a friend pointed out that evoking him could just make it easier for him to fuck up my life again. So I decided to petition Haziel for his guidance instead since he is the corresponding ShemHamephorash angel and he came through for me on the pendulum. He advised me not to go through with the ritual. He also encouraged me to keep trying to build a servitor and invoke Buddhist deities for my protection, and told me he would talk to Cahetel for me who I will be petitioning next for his help in expelling evil spirits.

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He is known for his powers of manipulation. If I didn’t know any better I would say that he is testing you and prodding your subconscious for unresolved issues.

Perhaps the skills you are needing to learn now will be vital in the future when something more sinister tries to mess with you.

Remember, this is the spirit that set a well known Mages house on fire in order to fulfill a money request through the insurance. Not exactly subtle.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having what are presumably his legions come harass me until my mind broke and I was put through psychosis, it’s that King Paimon is the main sinister force I should be wary of. What confounds me is what he could possibly want from me now, with the most likely case scenario being that he sees me healing and doing better and just wants to fuck with my life even more. I know demonolaters don’t like hearing about this aspect of their patrons, but it needs to be said more often that these entities can and will smite you if you do something wrong in their eyes. Last night I had a dream that I was back in school and the teacher just randomly started talking about the movie Hereditary, so King Paimon is reaching out to me for some ungodly reason that I need to be highly suspicious of.

It feels like Haziel may have done something to stop him from sending me sexual energy, as I’ve barely felt anything since petitioning him for his guidance. If that’s the case then I would like to send him my praise.