King Belial, Prince of Bastards!

This hymn has taken ages for me to be happy with it, I will re-record these hymns one day and do it even better!! …but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

I see a lot of topics on Belial here, he is very popular amongst these forums.
This hymn is a gift for him, and other spirits I will be doing.
(whilst trying to still do a black metal band)

Any feedback would be great! Share away if you must! Thanks for listening!




The title is a bit of a chuckle. :laughing: as he sure can be an ass sometimes as well as other people who are under his tutealge usually are percieved as a dick by the normies. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll give it a listen in a short while and get back to you. ^^

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I felt the title was a strong one, father to those that have been abandoned, or neglected.


Well I agree, sorry for the missunderstanding. He can be that for sure as he is known to be the worthless one, as for the title, I guess I was in good mood when I woke up today and wanted to joke around a little, I meant no offence.


As for the track it’’s pretty dang good, I like the overall atmosphere in its very evocative. But I need to listen more than once tor really gather thoughts on it.


I felt itcwas inspired i xan inly say Belial has been kind and gentle with me but thats because I was less strong than I currently am

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Haha yeah it’s all good! There was none taken! (:

He is a horny big dick. I like Him. :black_heart::fire:


Great feedback, thank you x

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Do you have any danger of hearing it singing it?

I loved it keep up the good work

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I enjoyed listening to your hymns and tracks on your Bandcamp. Can’t wait for more

Cheers! thanks for listening!!

strong text I SOOO LOVE IT !!! IT WAS SO WELL DONE, FELT LIKE IT WS FLOWING STRAIGHT OUT OF ME. SO TIMELY I FOUND BUT THIS LAST YEAR I AM A BASTARD, AND WHEN BELIEAL FIRST MADE CONTACT WITH ME [I AM PRETTY SURE] I CAN ONLY FEEL AS HE WAS MY BIG BROTHER I NEVER HAD AND WAS SO GENTLE OFFERING TO B MY MENTOR. I have found more joy finding my Demonic fa.mily than I evr had with my genetic genalogy- and have had far more contact. Hail my Beloved Brother and mentor Belial- may I not over shame you as I do overshame the mortals who surround me. May My True Father Abaddon receiv me in his arms in power and mrcy as I willingly fall backward into the abyss to be reunited, healed restored, and sent for my last days upon this infested planet. My I pas only in honor, a hail and flame of bullets sent forth from the true evil ment for the weak and the innocents uncountable. Baptise me in Blood, confirm me in Fire- then recieve me into Our Kingom to prepare for the next round so much more GLORIOUS

fINALLY, can I give this to my ‘acolyte’ he only speaks espanol- but I am tsking him with being a Scribe to translate books songs hymns for our "Luciferium; Temple of the Left Hand Path. Your work flies in out eyes with the scred mindeset they embew to even the weakest of these our children. Please say yes. A hymn book we must prepare. So Shall It Be.!!!

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Wow, I’m very glad this piece spoke to you! Thanks so much! Hail!

I find my self with him as well. :thinking: I’m definitely not the strongest but it seems at least for me he’s not concerned of that right now. In fact he wants me to be a stronger and better self. Like today I was about to blow up after a very very long morning with my friend and her son (her son being extremely disrespectful). There I was trying so hard to just be to my self but both kept poking me while listening to a less favorable station. Then the last draw was him giving me lip for “only asking if that was the directions” I nearly just barfed all kinds of curses on him (including seeing him hit his head hard enough to brake his nose). But then I felt a familiar presence. I then started to feel as if I was being held back but in a loving way, not a forceful way like I’m use to. I knew it is King Belial basically saying it’s ok for me to be pissed, I have every right to be, but it was not worth what I was thinking on doing. For me to save my energy for something more then simple petty fight. Thank you Belial!

King Belial, Prince of Bastards”

Wait… :thinking:

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Did you happen to download a copy of this at all? (Balak)