King Bael, Creative Money Magnet: a Success Story

I’d like to make a public proclamation to King Bael on BALG. He has helped me to take action on a creative project that I’ve been germinating for years. I went through his initiation a month ago, in which he helped me connect to my heart chakra for wealth, with my wish for a creative money magnet.

I was working for 3 months at a job that was good but wasn’t paying enough money and started to get nit-picky with me, so I turned to my creative project one day and worked on it, letting my creative passion take me over.

Quickly things started to fall apart at the workplace, and it culminated to my contract ending abruptly within a week.

But thanks to King Bael (and Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Ishtar, Shamash and Lilith), I have been able to dedicate myself fully to my project and do the work necessary to bring it to the world’s stage. I can’t believe how quickly it all came together, perfectly synchronized. It’s been less than a month and I’ve kept my spirits high and my mood has been nothing but positive, optimistic and determined.

I am so grateful for this level of dedicated productivity and relentless drive I’ve been experiencing, with King Bael taking the helm to infuse me with bursts of energy whenever I’m lagging, and help me strategize ways to overcome obstacles that would’ve otherwise stopped me in my tracks before.

Before I lost my work contract, I put the deposit down for a new BMW. I’m a car girl, and this particular car is custom-made for me, very much connected to my heart and soul. Will this creative project actually make me the money I need to finalize the purchase of the car in the next few weeks?

Lucifer, Azazel and Bael have explicitly showed me their powers, and I have full trust and faith in them to deliver results. Acquiring the car and generating the cash flow I need will give me the freedom to live my best life and take my existence to the next level. Once that happens, I will be sure to give them more honor and praise. Stayed tuned for the update.

Hail King Bael! Hail Lucifer!


Congratulations, and good luck!

Just Amazing :pinched_fingers::heart:

Thank you. It just hit me that I can petition the great Bael, who is said to preside over invisibility, to help me become more visible and fight being shadowbanned online and in the “real world,” so that I can make a lot more money and draw more attention to my artistic endeavors.