King Amaymon - Black Sun Exercise(21 Days)

Good Day everyone. I will be sharing my black sun exercise. I’m not a professional black magician. Below exercise are taught by King Amaymon himself. It worked out well for me. So hope it helps you as well. Basically this rites is a death & reborn process.

Benefits - Getting into alignment with demonic current. Alchemical changes within you. Enhancing psychic senses, blackening chakra, opening up hearing senses, able to feel demons energy, Instincts hikes, self knowledge, enhancing vivid visualization, people will start noticing the changes in you, Able to work with any demons without fear(you won’t fear demonic presence)

After effect(usually last for several days) - You will seldom yourself, you don’t engage in unnecessary talks with people, feeling of something crawling under your skin, anger/rage, perplexed for no reason(undoing past life or religion chains), hearing voices during sleeping

Item : King Amaymon Sigil

One black Candle
Incense(Any incense except for jasmine and lavender)

1)Lit the candle,incense and gaze King Amaymon Seal. Once you see the lines fade and reappear, just continue gazing till you get into light trance.
2) Close your eyes and recite Elan Reya Amaymon(or any other personal enn you got from King Amaymon or forum)
3)As you are meditating, breath out black smoke through your nose , inhale and breathe out black smoke again. Each exhalation, try to make the smoke thicker. Visualize the smoke pervading the whole ritual area. (You will get King Amaymon’s presence by now,usually cracking sounds, knocking or popping sound from candle.
4) Once you feel its enough, visualize King Amaymon standing in the ritual area watching you.

5) You may ask his blessings or any other matters you wish to say before starting the black sun exercise.

  1. Now visualize a black sun.

    *You have to tame your mind from distraction.

7)Visualize the black sun as clear as possible.Feel the energy it radiates. You may have a pull going into this black sun to see what lies behind. I’m not sure about travelling into black sun. Just resist and focus on the image.
8)Visualize the black sun in the ritual area radiating its energy
9) Shrink the black sun to your third eye. As you visualize the black sun in your third eye, Recite this mantra

KARITA SOLLEH(Given by King Amaymon)Recite as long as you wish too.

  1. Bring the black sun above your head and visualize its energy(in a form of black smoke) going through your crown chakra till the root.
    11)You may repeat step 10 two or three times.
  2. You can also visualize the black smoke from the black sun going through both your ears(intent will be on opening hearing senses)
  3. Once you have done this, you can visualize the black smoke fading away.

You can thank King Amaymon and extinguish the flame. Just sit in darkness for a minute or two. You can say ‘Praise upon the darkness’.
You can do this rites for 21 days during the night. If you feel like editing this ritual, go ahead. Follow your instinct. You can add up more enn’s and hymn as well. I don’t usually say long incantation because it is hard to memorize and I tend to forget when i’m in trance or focusing on visualization. This was my first exercise being a black magician. Changed my perspective in life generally. I did manage to do it for 21 days without disruption since I was jobless last year. :sweat_smile:

Do let me know your opinion on this exercise as well. And if you have tried this exercise, do let me know. Have a wicked day and a blessed year ahead.