Kind of a Harsh Topic

(Sorry if it’s in the wrong category. Wasnt sure what it would count as.)

Anyway. I’m tired of my boyfriend. I no longer love him. But he’s abusive and controlling so I also cant leave. I also have no loved ones to help me out in this situation. Quite frankly. I’d rather live alone for the rest of my life. I’m barren as well so when I say alone, I mean it.

Now then.

Even if I could. I dont want to break up with my boyfriend. For one specific reason. I want to discover a way to entirely enslave him to me. He has a roommate that’s his best friend (who he let’s mentally and emotionally abuse me.) I want to control him to ruthlessly rid his friend from his life forever. For my boyfriend to actually go out and get a job. And for him to take care of all of the house chores as well. (I literally have a full time job and have to do all the chores. And have to wait on them hand and foot. And they’re both so controlling that I cant even be in the bathroom for 2 minutes before I’m being yelled at.) I want to make it so that he cant do anything against my will ever again. He’s a messed up person and simply breaking up with him or doing some magic to cause him to die or go into a coma or something would be too gentle.

Is there any way at all that I can do this? With a demons help or spirit or any form of magick? He deserves this fully, trust me.


try this. if he loves you obsessively, you can control him


Sorry to hear that @Kaya - I don’t have any ideas on this really but wish you every success. :crossed_fingers: