Killing someone by astral asphyxiation

So, what are the chances to make someone asphyxiate while he/she is asleep?

Let’s say, I go in the astral to x person and I start to strangle that person as hard as I can for a prolonged period of time (1-2 hours). What are the chances to make that person incapable of breathing? Probably it will make that person wake up with a respiratory stop (if it is longer than 5 minutes, a cardiac stop will occur) or lack of oxygen.

Now, let’s say what if I do this the whole night?

Probably you are now thinking “wow, someone must have made you something really bad in order to want to this to someone”, well, not really. I will just probably need that in the future :laughing:


Brother just start kicking his head it be more effective :slight_smile: seriusly though search for an incantation that summons scorpions to your enemys ive used it and had succes just meditate focus your intention of what will those drive him to do start chanting while imagining black scorpions on him and realese it with emotion you be happy with result



Nah, it wouldn’t be fun :joy:

Bro seriusly wasting 2 hours on the astral isent worth you can do increrible things if you achieve that state. Then again you probably like to torture people okay do your thing try not to bleed him with astal ayra or else astral sharks will come ;Ρ

The astral doesn’t have that much influence on the physical body. However, you could enter their own personal mentalscape where their dreams take place, aka dream walking and in some cases death in a dream can have a pretty realistic effect on the physical body.

I remember being drowned in my lucid dream for some ritual I was chained and drowned and the voice was like it’s necessary lol and I ended up in an oobe looking at my physical body sleep xD then I snapped back but instead of waking up the dream picked up where it left off the chained were removed and some other shit happened then I woke up.


Most probably it would take me about let’s say 20-25 minutes, but I said 2 hours in the worst case scenario :))

Lol, but if you do something to someone, they will feel it on the physical body and it can be felt very real and can be painful

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That’s their psychic senses, in which case doing so will just end the projection. Or if they’re not capable of projecting you won’t really find them and be able to do anything to them

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Hmm what happens when you kill a person’s astral body?

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Nothing, their energy body takes damage that’s about it. However, if the person has never been to the astral you won’t find their astral body.


Yes, I was thinking about that, to terrorize in the sleep to the point he/she wakes up with cardio cerebral accident or something :))

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I second this. I was killed several times in only one night. I am still able to make this comment.




you can evoke them.


It really be like that 🤷🤷


Better yet, summon a few Arabian sand vipers to slither into his bed.

And how to do that? :joy:

Have you ever seen one? Very cool looking snakes, they have horns, looking into getting a license to own one. I currently have two snakes, monitor lizards, and bearded dragons. Have a ball python and a Columbian rainbow boa. And to think I never liked reptiles before I got talked into this by my grandson.

Yes, I’ve seen them, but not in real life. I would like to see photos with your pets :slightly_smiling_face: