Killer servitor ["killer" as in cool, he binds bullies]

Hello this is Dark Knight born to punish bullies.

You can call him by his sigil. You can use him as a body guard.


Cool, what are his properties? Like, what does he feed on, how does he do what he does, what constraints does he have? How does he know who is a bully or not or do you just give him names? Etc etc?


He feed on fear and negativity just call him n see

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Awesome. Is it


As in your post or dark like the image?

Also do you mean killer as in yo this servitor is killer or do you mean literally? :slight_smile:

Yaa he is dark he will just bind the one who bullies you any how verbal or physically

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Ah ok, I thought he was designed to actually kill them and his name was “Drak” (that’s cool too: it’s like Drake, a kind of dragon, only without the e). I updated the title to clarify, and corrected the spelling for you :smiley:

Very nice work! Have you used him a lot so far? What happened?

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Are servitors randomly made with a certain intention or theres like a list of them that exist? How can you go about getting one to assist with certain situations.

There are some public ones that people have made for common use, but there’s no “mater list” of them.

Create one for yourself.

Give it a try

nice…! also, soon maybe you will make one that attracts financial luck/abundance - would be great to test/evaluate…i love those creations… good idea to share this here!

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I don’t have any bullies… probably because I eat bullies for breakfast, but thank you :slight_smile:


Yaa will

His name is Dark Knight ? I would summon him to protection from anyone thank you

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