Karmic Enslavement, soul phylactery and slave cells

This is some real advanced stuff, and a very complicated problem, so I am not going to explain these things in detail right now. Does anyone on here, whom I hope to come across, have any experience with removing or destroying these things?

People who know what this is, will know what I am asking.


I had success using the free meditation series at AscensionHelp.com to remove all karmic contracts, including all copies, backups and reinstatement clauses. You do all the self guided meditations in order:

While that helps get rid of Archons it wasn’t 100 percent on that, and in that case I did two things: the ritual by Enoch Petruchelly helped but they kept coming back, and eventually I treated them like regular parasites and burned them with spiritual fire using vision work.

You might find Enoch’s ritual is enough, it depends what you’re up to and how much issue you’ve had with these beings targeting you.


Nice. From the title I sort of was like, why didn’t I think to just curse them? So I called Odin, and he was brutal. Did the trick completely.

Thanks for this. I will try the meditations too.


I did those meditations many years ago and woke up to hearing someone speaking to me in my voice in my head. It was most likely my higher self (I hope) but I remember getting out of bed and just sitting there listening. I wish I had a notebook and pen because I remember nothing. I remember being curious and calm, but when I woke up in the morning and remembered what happened, I was scared out of my mind. I still get goosebumps just thinking about that strange experience.


The things involved in this are beyond nasty, and their methods, truly disturbing. I will communicate the experience in the future, but will never go into detail about the trauma created by these disgusting creatures.


I too have had my fair share with these creatures! They can become very nasty indeed! And back then I actually had to get professional help from well known practitioners, as I couldn’t make it stop myself and was still very much inexperienced. Anyway I will still also have a look at those meditations, sounds great!!!

Good luck with all of this @BentonRyer
Dark blessings

I’m wondering how much of the population these things have enslaved… I mean… From what I’ve found out so far… A lot.

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I would like to know more about this. I may be dealing with such a creature from the sounds of it. I will look into that website, looks very promising!!

It’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not so much about a ‘creature’ but about the reality of the world and what’s actually in control.

Second, these things stay hidden from the best psychics and some excellent mages. The gods won’t even say anything. It’s up to us to be able to preceive them ourselves, since there isn’t much many can do. Hopefully Bill’s video and the meditation helps. I’m probably about a month or two to get people out of it, myself.

Anyway, it’s bad. Not so much deadly as other beings I’ve encountered. But in many ways… It’s so much worse than any of those things. Notice that no one is actually saying what they went through on this thread.

As for what’s bothering you. I don’t charge people for helping them with removals. There are so many frauds out there taking advantage of people, that I don’t have the conscious to ask for anything.


I think I started to get close to something like this a few weeks ago, it seemed like reality was pushing back through everything possible.

wow even checking this reply I put it off and was pushed not to.

Is there any other good information I could read about this?

Yea, I had a think we I couldn’t say my incantation, I would grow and spit instead when I got close and was prying the thing out. Crazy stuff.