Kali or Lilith?

Hi everyone. I don’t even know how to ask this or explain this so please bear with me. About a year ago, I received a visit in my sleep(or that point where you first wake up but are still really tired) from a female being. She was all black, but I could see her form. She was on top of me, but not really in a sexual way, though her energy did get me “excited”. She squeezed both of my palms as if to show me love, like saying “everything that is about to happen to you is out of pure love”. Then she disappears. Sure enough, right after this experience I felt a huge fire in my lower body. Whoever she was, she ignited the Kundalini fire within me, and I just realized what it was about 3-4 months ago.

Now, here we are a year later and there has been a major transformation. The before and after of meeting her is a complete 180. Before I was addicted to every pleasure out there. Hardcore addiction to drugs, gambling, food, you name it. Obsessions, lying, etc. Wasn’t “spiritual” at all and didn’t really care about anything. Now it’s all about calm, patience, fasting, purification. It’s like she entered my body and went to war with every “demon” that was controlling me. She is my constant guidance to continue to improve myself. No TV, no music that pollutes my mind, nothing detrimental to the temple. After the first several months of disaster and destruction, it has been by far the most positive experience of my life. All of my relationships are better, my body is in much better shape, a complete metamorphosis. I dropped down to 125(the destruction, food sensitivities, etc), but now I am building myself back up, which is essentially what the Kundalini is all about.

I think that is enough to get the idea of what happened. About two months ago after finally looking into a synchronicity that had been in my face for months, I came to understand that the “being” was the Hindu Goddess Kali Mata. Everything I read about her matched my experience. Transformation, destruction, etc. So you can say I have become a Kali worshipper. The thing is though, I just read about Lilith and Lilith seems to matchup more with what I have seen with my own eyes, twice. All black, on top of a male(me), and getting me “excited” down there. Now nothing overboard happened with this being, but this part doesn’t really sound like Kali. Does Kali’s energy usually cause this in men? I don’t know. Just the same though, Lilith doesn’t really sound like a Goddess out to help men and transform them(or in my case, save my life). Or maybe she is and I have just bought into all of the negativity about her. I have read that she, too, can awaken Kundalini.

Are they the same? Is calling out to Kali the same as calling out to Lilith? Does it make a difference? Like for example, my friends call me by one name, but my family calls me by another? I’m still the same person either way, right? I’m not up to snuff on many things occult as all of this is still new to me and I just kind of stumbled and bumbled my way into this world, with the aid of this female deity. Excuse my ignorance, but it has caused a little anxiety in me, that I don’t know exactly who I am building a relationship with.

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I haven’t met either that I’m aware of, but what I’ve read, Kali will deconstruct and reconstruct, a transformation. Lilith guides you through chaos via alchemy, add powers, a transformation.


From what I’ve read about her, she is all about destroying you and then rebuilding you greater than before.

No, but I can imagine them having similar desire to destroy and then rebuild.

Yeah, entities can have different masks, but I personally believe they are two different entities.


It seems to me you made a contact with a Goddess Lilith. Deities like her tend to make a preparation for a deeper contact. They come and leave when they want to.

She has a strong initiatory role. It means a lot of transformations.

Different interpretations, but in my understanding, that’s what she usually does.

Both, Kali and Lilith are Goddesses that represent feminine energy and can be very helpful in a similar fashion, but completely different currents.
Have you done any workings, like invoking Lilith (even reading or thinking about), or chanting some tantric yoga mantras?
I think it’s important to know have you made a contact with Lilith or Kali, for the sake of your future workings.
Which tradition do you find more familiar, Persian or Hindu?


It sounds to me, from your description, that it may have been Kali. I have never heard of Lilith appearing as a black form, but Kali is often portrayed as having black skin. The two goddesses are very similar though, in their capabilities. @succupedia may be of more help as he is married to the Lady Lilith and thus has more knowledge of her myriad of forms.


Well, I’ll call forth @Aluriel. He will know.

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Doesn’t sound like Lilith at all, not even in her darker manifestation. And she have different methods when opening chakras, at least in my experience. She’s accessing our chakras like a skilled surgeon, and sometimes like a savaging beast, depending on what area she’s working on.

And she’s never manifested as black, either. Maybe it’s Kali?


This caught my eye when i read this as this us how Az-jahi appeared to me in meditations the handful of times she took a form resembling a human.

You may find this interesting


That’s a really bad perception, in fact the opposite is true. Lilith has so much to offer the world, she just shows you your inner fears and makes you deal with them and that’s what people find scary.

Lilith and Kali are dark goddesses , sisters of a sort and their energies vibrate in similar currents. That’s why it’s sometimes easy to confuse one for the other.

In this instance I would say the goddess that visited you was Kali but Lilith is letting me know now that you can work with either one of them


It is Kali Maa…
The tingling sensation is her way of responding to your prayers
And the best and the most positive will eventually happen just have faith…
Sharing out of my personal experience…


Welcome @Trupti_Aher. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Being of middle eastern origin, I would imagine Lilith could come in a dark form, that is, dark skinned form. I guess it depends how the person relates to her and how they can more easily identify who the goddess is that is contacting them? That has been my limited experience. :slight_smile:

It is very possible to call a spirit/deity and have another turn up; that has happened to me and there is a reason, though us humans don’t always understand.

That is interesting as I called to Kali Ma and Lilith answered me not long ago!

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I second this. The transformation that OP has gone through definitely feels like the work of Kali Ma