K.O.F banishing question

What I can do to strengthen banishing incantations from K.O.F
Like something put on altar or activity, words enithing.
PLS give me advice this will be appreciated.
I think somting with fire yes? Incense or candles with NYD. :hugs:

King of Fighters? It’s a great game, I will summon the waifus in my next Star Ruby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hmm… Ashtu Malku… Kingdoms of Flame u know.

Nothing is needed to “strengthen” the incantation from Kingdoms of Flame. In the book EA calls it an exorcism, not a banishing, so all you need is the chant infused with your will. If you can’t infuse the words with your will, then adding candles or whatever isn’t going to help.

With that being said, some have added to it:


Which book describes the Kingdom of flame ritual? & is there a PDF link on how to do the ritual online?

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Are you having an issue with feeling like your exorcisms aren’t working as desired?

If that’s the case, you might be making this the case yourself. Fighting your own self-doubt is hard.
You could try using enchanted (consecrated) water and sprinkling that to clear your space.

I will say, personally I don’t banish the KoF entities. I haven’t found any of them at all obnoxious or clingy enough to need it. I have a particular soft spot for Satagraal who has been extra educational and helpful for me.


Same. I’ve found they show up, aren’t super obnoxious, listen then depart of their own accord when your done.

:thinking:Honestly only a handful of things I do banish before or after for. I’ve not had any issues with parasites/unwanted beings pissing with me (yet, bound to happen eventually right?), but the boyfriend had one leeching off him when I met him, and his mom seems to attract the mother fckers like toy stores do children. He was aware of it, but didn’t know how to get rid of it, it scared him and actually was with him for about eight years.

He began astrally projecting at age of twelve, did it excessively for months Until he got attacked and couldn’t get rid of it. He still won’t go back the experience was so traumatic.


It’s interesting, but since I started dealing with parasites and entities that aimed to try to influence me to interrupt my magik (archons) very harshly, I completely stopped having issues. It’s like they know my history, and they know I’m not safe.

I figure it’s like putting up security signs at your house, or just looking poor! :smiley: - all you have to do really is look like more of a hassle for not much reward than the next guy - it doesn’t stop a burglar, but it make them pick on someone else.


Sounds like something I said a while back- I felt like as long as I one knew I could handle it, two developed the reputation that I was the operator with a no tolerance policy, That I would have few issues.

Granted I had no proof of this and still don’t. It’s just how I felt about and chose to operate.

I haven’t had any personally yet, but I still try to be aware all of the time anyways.


Lol i keep editing and adding to late. Man I’m a bad poster.


I totally do that! I can’t spell for toffee that’s part of my problem :smiley:

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The book is called Kingdoms of Flame. It’s not a ritual, it was the first grimoire ever published by EA Koetting, and describes a system of evocation, along with descriptions of the entities from several of the different kingdoms.


You don’t need an altar. The reason for using the bowl and candle was because on occasion there are stubborn entities that need to be forced to leave. But for this to be truly effective, you have to have wards up around your home or temple. Sabnock or Abaddon, or construct energy shields.

Just set up the bowl of water and salt with the candle, set it alight in the centre of your home, and say the words in every room with authority, knowing very well that any energies and entities that are there will disappear through the candle flame.

Do this before and after each ritual, or do it twice a day.

In general, you can say the words with authority, knowing that all entities and energies will depart, without the bowl and candle. It’s a very powerful and effective incantation on its own. It can be used to banish any energy or entity outside of the KoF system too.

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