Just found out my cousin got cursed

So my cousin has had very bad luck getting girls for the longest amount of time. And he thinks its his ex’s doing or his ex’s mum since theyre romanian and this whole thing started after they broke up. Only recently he’s managed to get into the talking stage but even thats flopping and he’s a great guy if you ask me so idk what he’s doing wrong.

Can someone help me find a way to undo this please. Thank you

Try a divination to see if that’s the trouble first, then look up “hex breaking” on here, or elsewhere even, we have a few techniques and you can take your pick :slight_smile:

I would take back anything left behind at his ex’s and give back her stuff, I suggest multiple cleanses, before any hex breakers and a road opener after. Also ask Lucifer for protection and he can also do a mirror box/ send back to sender

Bit late for taking his stuff back as this was manyyyy years ago but yeah he does need a cleansing