Just a shadow person or something more? Could it be useful?

So long story short, in the last few weeks of December 2020, I experienced a shadow person in my dreams who clearly wanted my attention, it started by finding its way on to my technology & appearing on my camera (again, I’m trying to keep this short as not to bore anyone) and it has progressed to blatantly chasing me in my dreams and trying to attack me (it was not successful).

I have cleansed my flat (apartment) and it hasn’t returned since.

But does anyone know why a shadow person would attack in dreams? What did it want? Could it have been useful?

Answers are appreciated, thanks in advance

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shadow people aren’t usually the type to use dreams as a means of contact (not impossible however) but shadow people do look somewhat like Oneiroi who are dream daemons, one of which in particular feeds into (not on) nightmares.


Yes this sounds about right, this… thing only comes to me in dreams.

Why is it bothering me? I always wake up with a pounding heart & a feeling of dread after I dream of that thing.

I’ll look into Oneiroi, anything else I should look into?

I’ve just looked at Oneiroi and they have wings, the thing I saw was a literal shadow person with no distinctive features, just a black shadow person

Oneiroi can look like whatever they want to look like, shadows, women, men, animals, objects. They are polymorphic. However, in case it was a shadow person in which lesser shadow people do feed on nightmares if they choose to.

Okay great, yeah I googled it and just saw Ancient Greek winged creatures. That’s useful to know they present themselves how they please. Thank you for helping me

Have you tried shielding? if it’s a shadow being calling on an angel to help you in making a shield should help as shadow people are often repelled by light energy which angels are one of the beings that have such.

If you are daring, and have the presence of mind in the dream state, or say it before you fall asleep, as the shadow person to come in and possess you. Risky, but it is an option

I’ve tried energetically shielding if that makes sense, but not in the way that you described, I will try that.

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say what? I’m confused.

I wouldn’t try that, to be honest. There’s really nothing to gain from it and more to lose, without knowing who/what it is and it’s strength.

It’s probably just a spirit you’re interpreting as a shadow with your senses. Most shadow people, from my experience, aren’t interested in being in your dreams. They’d rather you have a nightmare and feed off of you while you sleep.


Thanks for the advice. It’s some sort of being and it’s completely black and moves like a ghost, I think maybe it’s an aspect of myself forcing me to face it. That’s the only logical and spiritual conclusion I can draw.

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Take what I say with a grain of salt because lots on the forum act like I’m blowing hot air. Shadows are a very noble and very powerful race. They are the type where if they don’t want you to see them, you most likely will not.

What this tells me is that the shadow does not have ill intentions for you. Well, they are certainly of the dark variety, but that doesn’t mean they are always harmful. It’s most likely trying to get your attention.

And yes it can be intensely useful. You will have to learn to deal with their unique characteristics and ways of action, but they can do a lot for you. Ebatas, ebabalorrn, balamas. Good luck friend.


Are the below names, names of shadow beings who are trying to get my attention? Is that something I should look into? It looks more like a chant of praise to me, though haha

I’ll try and focus more on their 'unique characteristics, if ever they come back to my dream realm(s).

Shadow people are far from noble :laughing: especially Nyx’s shadow people lmao

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It means from nothing, from nowhere, to no one. I guess you could say its like a chant of praise I guess. I use it to set my energies when I’m doing void type workings.

Not all shadows are the same. Some are little more than thought forms. If however it looked like a three dimensional shadow figure there is a good chance you met one of them.


Well maybe is one of the Nethers. Maybe Antharratu.

Anyways some of the people in this forum have looked too many horror Hollywood movies. Not every strange looking spirit is a dangerous Parasite from the depths of Hell :rofl:

What about a recent dead relative or friend or other spirit who needs help?

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Do you think it’s worth evoking Nyx & telling her to tell her shadow people to uhhh… piss off?

Or will she be angry with me for doing that?

Yes, it certainly appeared 3 dimensional and it moved with a ghostly like quality, hovering and I am never able to see its feet or lower legs, only the upper legs, torso, shoulders & head.

I did unintentionally create a negative thought form many years ago, but it left me alone for many years, so if it’s the same thought form, why is it coming back now? :thinking:

She’s not the only creator of shadow people, many well known and not so well known primordials of darkness/dark energy have shadow people. Nyx, Kauket, Kur, etc.

However, I would say find out what it is either through someone scanning it or doing divination to see if it is one or if it’s a thoughtform from the astral trying to feed on your attention to sustain itself.