Just a shadow person or something more? Could it be useful?


Okay I’ll look into those. The only relative that has died this year was my 94 year old grandmother who was my favourite member of the family, she did die quite suddenly and not of natural causes, but why would she have hate towards me and be chasing me and hunting me down in my dreams? Doesn’t seem like her.

I am seeing that the term ’ Nether’ comes from the game ‘Magic: The Gathering’ and doesn’t appear to have any real info available. I will look more into the Antharratu however. :slight_smile: thank you

The main spirits under Azazel are referred to as Nether Lords in the Book of Azazel by EA Koetting, so that’s where the term comes from as it is used on this forum. The “Lords” part is just often dropped.

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Oh ok right. Thanks for explaining! Yeah I like the look of E. A Koetting’s books, however I think they’re overpriced, they’re valuable, sure, but they’re too costly.