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I have a real picture of an angel I want to show you all, I also want to tell the story of how the picture came to be and how I came into possession of it. So the question is, would you guys take offense when I tell such story if it involves God, as you refer to him as the (Christian God). I just don’t want to make anyone mad. If it offends no one I’ll have the picture in like 4-5 days.


Who cares who it offends? It’s 2019 dude

Of course people are gonna be offended hell I may be offended but that shouldn’t stop you from posting.

I post Rites and shit that offend alot of people but I still do it :joy:


Interesting, I am waiting for it :slight_smile:

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There are people who work with Angels on here.

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@Micah said it best. If anyone’s offended, who cares? Sounds like an interesting pic, looking forward to seeing it.


I know we have a RHP and white magic sub forum here, I guess you could post it there and people who don’t want to see angel stuff can just skip it.

Doesn’t sound like anything that would break the rules of the forum that you agreed to on signing up. If there’s no preaching, there’s no problem.
People here should be mature enough to pass the post by if they don’t like it. They should flag it if they think it’s inappropriate for mod attention.


Pics or it didnt happen.



There are all all types of magicians on this forum, including Christian and Islamic ones, so I doubt anyone will be offended if you are talking about God, even if some here have strong feelings about the religions.

If you wish, this thread can be moved to the White Magick section so people will known what it involves.


If you think that is best go ahead thanks

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Dude, post that shit.


Show de pic!

Post it. I have a photo from when I was 10 with one still. Get it on, can’t wait

I can’t wait to see it.

What’s the name of the angel?

You’re jumping ahead of yourself…silly goose ;p I have no idea, I’m going to post the story about it along with pic in probably no more than 3 days IF my mama can find it but she seems really certain she can

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