Jupitarian magic

So gonna post a few of the rituals that have been going on replay in my head all day (which was annoying as fuuuuuck :expressionless: and made me miss a few turns at work :confounded:. From what i can figure out the ideas are to use the different aspects/energies of Jupiter.
Still making sense of alot of the other rites that have been whipping though my head all day. 13hour workday plus crazy traffic kinda jumbled up me brains. :laughing:

Invocation of the king

This is to invoke the energies of Jupiter associated with spiritual sovereignty.
Everyone can preform this from what I can tell, the only difference will be the intensity of experience between practitioners based on development.

So to start all you need is the symbol of Jupiter, physically or mentally held in the mind. Either is fine

Edit. This sigil is the result of another ritual i am preparing for, it represents this specific aspect of jupiter. Either will work for the rites, the only difference i could distinguish was in intensity of energy. If you are newer to planetary magic i would reccomend the starting with the basic symbol of jupiter then moving to the sigil after you are familar with its energies.

Meditate upon the symbol entering as deep a trance as you can manage. Once this achieved recite the invocation of the king.

“Oh Divine one who dwells in majesty and jubilance
Gracious King of Gods
Who’s Laughter is life and lightning
Who remains Merciful in Magnanimity
Bestowing Bounty Boundless and Blessed
Help me to follow you in your ways
and Honor you with my actions
shine your power though me
and bless me with the Wisdom of your Crown”


Shield of the king

Invoke Jupiter either with the invocation above or preferred method, being able to connect with the energies of the planet seems to be the only requirement.

After which the call of the kings shield is recited while visualizing a protective field around you. this can be as simple as
a blue field of light with the symbol of Jupiter surrounding you. The way it played out in my head was a sphere of blue shields with the symbol surrounding the user. End result is the same a defensive planetary barrier surrounding the practitioner.

Call of the kings shield
"Jupiter great king, raise your shield in my defense halting all that would harm me one this plane and those beyond the veil! "


Call of the Kings Blade

This is a counter attacking defense. The way it seemed when I saw it is when it is triggered it basically hurls the equivalent of a lightning bolt at the source by reinforcing the original attack with the energies of Jupiter and utilizing its property to expand on what is there.

Now depending on your sensibilities you may want to avoid this spell. For example someone attempts to curse your financial life to lose your job cause they see you as in the way of their goals. This Defense would send it back amplified possibly sending them into a spiral of poverty which could last months or years.

Personally I’m fine with this outcome and the others that could happen. I tend to lose any sense of mercy and pity i normally have when either I am attacked or someone I care for is.

Begin with invoking Jupiter, followed by Call of the Kings Blade while visualizing 4 Blue great-swords in a circle of around you till you feel defended.

Call of the Kings Blade

“Jupiter Great king, Take up your sword in my defense. Let those who would harm your charge feel the thunder of your wrath.”


Very nice, I myself have been engaging in Jupitatian energy all week, one word that accurately describe Jupiter is fun and joy, yeah that’s two words, this joke was brought to you by Jupiter the benevolent king :hugs:


True lol moment i went “Your timing SUCKS” :expressionless: a retort came back in charley chapmins voice “our timing always impeccable.” :joy:

Granted some of these seem to make use of the energies represented as jupiter aspecting other planets and signs. This was relayed as an army of massive bastards in armor all with the crown emblazened with jupiters seal, each armor craved with a different sign on it holding a weapon with a planetart sign cravedsome where on the weapon.

The implications are awesome, but when you driving trying to work its fucking distracting! :laughing:


Wanted to make an update for some of the application of these rituals for anyone new to planetary magic.

The invocation itself can be used to attune to jupiters energies for gaining sovereignty in the different aspects of life, more targeted results can be done by merging this with the planet that has the influence over that area of life. I’ve been figuring out a ritual that uses this with multiple planets will post once i work it out the finer details.

The protection rituals can be used create a “safe haven” if aimed towards protection of self it have the effect of blocking or counter attacking depending on which ritual you use.

If used on an area or object it will also get these benefits, but an after effect is the area under the influence of this protection will become a literal “safe have/ sanctuary” and this feeling can be picked up be anyone in the area of effect. In the sense of “this place feels like a safe place”.