Junky Sorcerers... Do You Need Your Novelty Fix?

Your Mind Is Far More Important Than Your Shiny Crystals!… Those Flashy Tools Are Unnecessary For Your Magick!… Are You A Junky Sorcerer Needing You’re Novelty Fix?…

A few months ago, I took a trip to the “Heart of the New Age” which to most is Sedona, Arizona. A place notorious for their embrace of new age spirituality and magick. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and magickal landscapes I entered into a place that was going to give me the biggest reality check on magick I have ever physically experienced. This reality check was how novelty the world of spirituality and magick has become. Our new age world of magick… has become basic and novelty.

I have always stood firm behind the idea that the only tool necessary for magick is the mind. Anything else is a bonus to compliment the minds work. This stems from my own work in psychology and my conclusion that magick is psychological and all magickal tools are placebo to be used in our psychodrama filled rituals to subconsciously manifest results. In my trip to Sedona I witnessed just how far our communities has grown apart from the real magick of the mind. The majority have become so attached to physical flashy ritual toys and novelty consumables that the mind has been replaced with an unquenched addiction for more fancy toys. Truly the spiritual world has become a novelty.

Results In Magick Are Gained From A Sound Mind!… Problems In Magick Are Risen From A Fantasy To Need Power Items!…

Many refer to magickal items, tools and flashy toys as power items. Yet the irony is that while many practitioners increase their addiction to these novelty items they give away their power to a physical item far inferior to their own mind. Magick has been sanitized by crystals and wands and the important need for hard work, study and practice has been lost. I believe this novelty addiction (which is exactly what it is) is the reason why so many practitioners of magick fail to get results. That and their lack of responsibility to use their own minds of course.

Magick is the mind as I have said, and mind over matter means getting over that physical matter; yes even in tools. The only thing you need to manifest magick is the mind and a good understanding of it. No tool has inherent power, its placebo, its meant to trick your subconscious into that manifestation. To see the spiritual world thrust into this novelty age gives me the perspective that this “new age” is not a progression but rather a regression.

I see less and less books and resources of study yet more and more fancy toys. Magickal tools should complement the minds hard work not the other way around. Most magicians have become junkies needing their crystal fix and in this quest for more “things” have grown further from magick than even those who do not participate. This reality check gave me to realizations. The first is that I am disappointed to see how lost many practitioners have become… and the second is that the real practitioners have become a rare breed. I hope that time will heal this addictive disease and magicians will come to embrace the true power of the mind instead of giving it away to some nice looking ritual dagger with plastic rubies in the handle.


Did you just insult my crystals?!?! Haha no but seriously, true when I was 20 I decided to test myself and walked into the woods one day, I was gone for three months. I wandered from Oregon to Washington to Canada and back home eventually. I learned what was truly a necessity in life and I learned that you need very little to truly accomplish your goals. The more you carry trying to prepare yourself the more weight on your back when you have to not fall in a crevice on a glacier.

When I practice magick, I rely on my mind and body. If I use tools it’s to assign action and purpose of emotions, not for the sake of ritual that is mindless ingredients to supposedly improve quality. We need to learn to create the tools/ingredients in our minds and apply them to the real world.

Thanks, for the good read… it passed time while sitting in traffic.


I agree with you that mind is the ultimate tool. Some.lesser mortals like me might require a physical objects to harness the power of mind . They may becomr entrapped in it or someday may realize that they do not need nothing .


Absolutely true. I heard something on a video not long ago, I don’t remember where, but the guy said “It’s not the wand, it’s the wizard!”. I felt it was as true a statement as it was catchy, lol.


This is also true about many masonic rituals. While they are undoubtedly beautiful, many who perform them are oblivious to what the implements represent. Its become so entrenched in allegorical flare that the allegory is often mistaken for the real thing.


Dont get me wrong im not saying tools are wrong. All I am saying is that it has become an addiction for many. We all use tools but its a matter of not getting caught in the novelty trap.


Absolutely. They are a luxury, not a necessity.


Does anyone else feel as though these items were created less for their use as a placebo and more for a method to control who uses Magick and how they use it by old farts in robes who want power over others? You can’t use Magick without a wand, and you get a wand when I say so…so pledge obedience to me and do my laundry slave! In modern times there has been a capitalistic spin on it; you can’t see into the future without tarot cards…so give me your money! Just my thoughts. Could be total nonsense.


Should only be used as a means to keep the mind focused on the task at hand, not as what makes the magick happen.


Do not underestimate the power of Novelty! Yes, the undisciplined mind is drawn towards novelty. Dreams have generally have no meaning other than the mind seeking out the point of highest novelty. A disciplined mind can focus an increased amount of attention, basically the same effect as novelty.

I define novelty as anything which draws an inordinate amount of attention. Mental discipline is great and all, but until you have it, you can “cheat” by using novelty to focus beyond your discipline. Even if you do have mental discipline, you can push it even further by incorporating novel elements into your rituals.

If you do understand the power of novelty, you can use it on sheeple to great effect. Don’t judge a sorcerer for using novelty. You can critique the artfulness of his execution, but proper use of novelty is a sign that somebody knows what they are doing. In fact there aren’t enough people out there singing novelty’s praises.

A little novel design to my wands is that they are all combat wands. I don’t mean magic pew pew, I could beat a man to death with these things. They are deceptively dense and heavy, and balanced to be used as weapons.


Sometimes that could be the case. I know in some Kabbalistic practices you do not gain use of certain items until you reach the end of a grade. While I do understand the very valid reasons for this I also see where an unscrupulous individual could use that as a petty means of control.


Good points made. However I personally believe that for me, any object or tool that I can use to harness my own energy for Magick work is awesome, and I am one who likes to also create my very own charged objects and tools for ritual and magickal use. Think of the history of Magick with Runes, Scrying mirrors and crystals, magick Wands staffs or athames, the purpose of incense oils for psychological aromatic transformation, herbs, and other objects with their ability to aid the magician in harnessing and focusing and his or her energy. I don’t see is being any worse or more addicted to tools than humans were hundreds of years ago. The only difference today is our ability to extend this field outward further with the use of modern computer, electronic and sound technology which we didn’t have years ago. I don’t see it as a crutch, but rather a useful way to focus. If we could perform magick without the use of tools, then I think many more people would have the ability to do telekinesis, telepathy, etc., than are able to today. In that sense, it’s a good goal for humans to strive for, but I think to see us getting rid of the drive for more or better tools for focus might be a ways off. We’re a very techno generation, and we used to instant gratification. Difficult to back track I think…only truly meditative and focused thinkers may be able to accomplish what you are saying. I know at least for now, I need the help of my magick tools and enjoy making them and making them empowered to help me in my work. That’s part of the pathological draw to magick for me.


Lol…that was supposed to be “psychological” fix!

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High Majick is the Best Majick !!!

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May i ask one thing?

How about, the reality around you and your physical body?
Isn’t it, that your body, including your mind is relying on outside substances, to take in and affect your health including cognition.

On Astral level, we do look differently, and function differently, true, but becoming a full Sorcerer, underestimating reality isn’t something i consider at any given time.

Here where i life, there’s a Saying.
“Nothing protect’s you from 9 mmm (bullets).”

i don’t like that, but there’s a truth to our huge ability to destroy.




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