Jumping first, looking second

I’m a sociologist with a deep interest in the paranormal. So I’ve kinda accidentally/purposely entered myself into this. Reading forums on other sites out of generally curiosity has brought a succubus/incubus into my life; the weirder part is realizing much earlier in my life I encountered one and they seemed to ‘test’ me for lack of a better word and eventually left after a while. I only ever dreamed during those few weeks or months and I haven’t really since. I felt/feel extremely compelled to Lilith and after listening/meditating to her Enn; her presence was both beyond terrifying and enthralling, I got the impression she was showing me continuing such pursuits would be terrifying and that I had to conquer my fear if I continued. After talking a while with a Wiccan friend of mind I made a small shrine to her and learned a small amount of defensive sigils/glyphs/strategies. Last night I prayed to her at a little after 3 AM and while meditating afterward the succumbed/incubus seems to be getting realer and an image of being guarded/hugged by Liliths wings is etched into my mind, honestly wish I was an artist just to make it.

So I got to this point rather rapidly I know I love/feel deeply with Lilith and I want to keep exploring this new spiritual awakening. So if anyone has any knowledge or recommendations on things I should consider doing I’d be happy to hear them or their advice! Thanks for reading

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Welcome @Purplethorn

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience at all in magick?

Hello Purplethorn. I find it rather exiting for you to be here.
I can only but scratch your interest overall!. I hope someone with broader experience with what you are looking for come forth.

As for me, I will actively look at this post to see the development of the thread :slight_smile:

Hey, I live in Massachusetts; pretty close to Salem which spurred my interests to begin with.

In all honesty a few weeks ago I would have never believed what I’ve experienced so I’m more than likely in over my head, but I’m also optimistic and feel more at ease than I’ve ever been in my life. I have very little practical knowledge beyond a few friends who are little more than somewhat experienced, I’ll definitely be taking it much slower from here.

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i’ll take that as a no, you don’t have any practical experience in magick.

Thank you for elucidating more, and again, welcome to the forum.

Thanks, I appreciate it. It has certainly been an interesting time for me.

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