Journal of a DOFUS


This is so fucking true!



New goal in the bucket list - To Attain Kevala Jnana state of the higher one.



i THINK I just reached the point where if someone says 1+1=5 then I will be Like, " May be, what ever makes you happy, Peace ‘’. Needed this. Ahhh, also seeing some grey hairs !!!


Just wait sometime and stay dedicated and you might grow 50 extra wisdom-teeth too! :smile:


Ohhh, I am already WISE. Have eaten enough fortune Cookies, remember all the sayings. Just don’t know when to use which one.

Like once my Crush Finally asked me If she was looking pretty, and I replied ‘’ I don’t Judge a book by it’s cover ‘’

In one of my job interview after 30 seconds of awkward pause I said ‘’ Those who know doesn’t speak and those who speak doesn’t know ‘’

Guess, How well it went ??!!


That’s cool, she got impressed, right?

It depends on what kind of job it was, but my guess is that it went pretty smooth and without any yelling or calling the security guards. :laughing:



The food was awesome today. Really enjoyed it.

I think it was Motu who introduced me to Western Music in general. Starting with Linkin Park. Man those days, specially Class 11 in it’s entirety. Probably the best time in my life. Went from Pure virgin to 60 cigarettes a day with all kinds of Drugs. Though know very well it’s a trick of the Mind when reminiscing to filter out the bad unpleasant part. There were problems too at that time.

Miss you buddy, sorry for ruining the chemistry cuz of my dickish behavior towards the end. It was my fault. Rest in peace brother. Thanks for making the visit, and have given you enough currency to have a comfortable life for 1-2 life times. Hope U would appreciate it.

May be will meet again on the other side, or may be not. Sayonara.



Don’t think I have listened to something more Divine and Sublime than this.

Rain, Open sky, chilling weather, smell of wet soil and some deep breaths.

At one time Used to Give me Goosebumps and tear drops for some reason, Now not so much, but still.