Journal of a DOFUS



Haven’t eaten any nice food item for a long time, like butter paneer masala with mixed parantha with ghee or Special Paneer cheese Pizza etc. Have to give it a shot very soon.



Never liked the word ‘Faith’ or ‘Belief’, to me it was nothing but superstition but now I understand the power of it. At one point it is not much different from Knowledge and Even Truth ??? . Hmmmm, man So much have changed.



What kind of Fucked up feeling is this? In one hand this peace-bliss is present permanently but on the other hand some feeling of helplessness - being lost is surfacing. Shouldn’t be surprised as Just ONE permanent state of feeling isn’t going to stay forever, it will change and fluctuate, but the peace-bliss part should remain as a default state underlying everything, every change.

Also, what with that feeling-desire that just cropped up out of nowhere? The desire to have a daughter!!! How fucked up is that? For that to happen I Have to grow up first !!!


Future baby daddy :open_mouth:



For some reason unable to come up with any good lines in a long time. Don’t know what’s going on? May be I need some Brainstorming!!! Or need a muse and some drugs !!!


Lol, Remember ur 1st or 2nd comment to me was something like - ‘’ ehhh, I don’t like babies ‘’ or something like that!!! :rofl:


I still dont tbh I’d eat them if I’m a cannibal kek


But U aren’t !!! U R the cuttest asian chick I have ever seen. So, Wanna try some Shape shifting magick then?


Level up your flirting skill and I might. Until then xoxo


2 years of Hermit’s life have made me rusted. :rofl: :joy:


Up to this again? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


As a wise man once said - ‘’ Always aim for the stars, Doesn’t matter if you fall down 20 km per second and shatter each and every bone of your body ‘’. :triumph:



Don’t know why whenever I am about to meet some legit teacher why all kinds of problems start to crop up out of nowhere? Seems even Metatron can’t help much, or at least he will take time it seems.

Also found out most of my magical powers were sealed off, Didn’t know I was such an asshole??!! And i guess that explains my shitty childhood too ??!!! well, I still do have that vibe to be honest. But still, there was a life as a Vishnava from where I gathered all this Goodie Goodie softness. Have to open up the whole reel later.



Desperately need someone to talk to-to open up ( yea, men needs that too ), get some advice if possible. But should I take the risk??? It’s hard to resist.



wHAT A FUCKING gREAT pODcAST. wILL nEvER Ridicule alEX joNEs. eVer.

tHE guMMy bEAR IS juST kNOWiNG tHE baSiC OF oCCUlt . LOl.


Can you list most powerfull stotras and practices you used/saw so far?


Most of the astaks, dawadash nama, stotras, stutis THAT ARE WRITTEN BY GENUINE SPIRITUAL GIANTS, not by current 4 shankaracharyas out of devotions or other mediocres . For example Kali Das , Adi Shankaracharya who’s stotras etc are no less than powerful mantras.

At the end of this you will find the utility of those, for example In Bajrang Baan , at the end it is said ’ Jo Jape hamesha , deha/tan pe na rahe kalesha ’ / WHo ever recites it doesn’t have any illness. Also ’ Jab Bajrang Baan mare, tab kon uhare ’ / When one sends this bajrang baan ( for baneful purpose ) who can save that person. S

So at the end of this stutis, astaks etc U will find the purpose of it.

How to attain siddhi of those? On Eclipse or Other Holy dates like Diwali/Holi, Take a bath, Wear clean clothes, Light a lamp on UR right side. Make sankalpa by taking water on UR right hand say something like

‘’ I ( UR name ), born on ( UR DOB ) of ( UR gotra ) gotra take the vow that If I chant this stuti/stotra/astak 108 times without getting up from asana then I will attain permanent companionship and grace and protection of ( deity of the mantra ) .’’ Then Pour the water on the ground.

If U do it as per sankalpa , U will attain Mantra Siddhi of that Deity. From there on He/She is always with you. If you have developed your Clair etc abilities You can always be in Communication with Him/her as Friend/Father/Mother/Guide, In what ever relationship U want to see him/her.

In Eastern Occult tradition U don’t need to make any pact with entities, U just have to know THE MANTRA and know rules to attain siddhi of that mantra ( Stuti-astak etc ) And U will attain permanent companionship of that Being.



Was checking out cuisines of Various countries- British, Chinese, Russian, Korean, IN HD. Feeling like eating those SO MUCH. :disappointed: Why am I not A billionaire Hermit? From Singapore or some rich place ??? Why Narayan dutt shrimali only Gave Apsara Sadhana, instead of some entity who can materialize One’s desired Food items instantly ???



How fucking strange, Worked with so many angels but non of them came in my dream. It’s always Belial and now it’s Azazel, Who know what the fuck is going on here. For me dreams never lie, Saved my as many Fucking times. Had many prophetic dreams ( though it is never 100% accurate ). Sometimes overcame problems on a weekly basis cuz of dreams. Well, U never get the girl U long for, may the same is happening here !!!


Dofus like the game online? I used to live it so much until bot detroy the economy :angry: