Journal of a DOFUS


Today had a really bad day. :frowning: In morning someone I thought I could trust basically showed me the middle finger. At night someone I considered a friend hurt me really bad. It seems throwing mud, making someone feel bad isn’t a big deal for most people.


Reminiscing my childhood days. Remember that teacher in Kinder garden, Ms. Margaret . She used to threaten me that If I can’t remember the alphabets correctly, She would Castrate me right there. :joy::rofl:
Sweet memories.!


Try having a period.






All babies , kids are cute, innocent, simple.
But all grown ups have atleast an amount of evil, complexity
in them

So, then which one is the mask ?

is it the rust on iron,
or, the peel of the layers?



I AM FUCKING PISSED NOW :angry::angry::angry: Too many annoying Bitches nowadays !!!


Whats wrong bb


that ‘indian men R rapist’ thread pissed me off. Couldn’t even hit back, it is closed now :persevere::persevere:


LOL yes i was rolling my eyes off on that


I am feeling sad baby, Give me a kiss :unamused:


No i dun kiss Indian men :wink:


LOL, I had a Punch line ready and this is The reply that came !!! :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sob:





A always beats B. Beats and exploits him almost everyday. And when ever B tries to hit back, A deity comes and preaches B about Love and non-violence. Now because of that the total violence is halved, compared to if B would have retaliated.

So is the deity doing good by minimizing the net Evil/Violence or is he fueling Evil/Injustice? And what kind of justice is that if it needs violence to actualize?


Everything is starting to taste same. Even Food, anything sexual ( CAN’T BELIEVE I AM EVEN SEEING THIS DAY ), Anime, Book has lost its appeal. Even acting goofy, Funny has lost it’s charm. Hmmm, May be should invest all energy and resource into knowing how to attain Maha-Samadhi.

The desire to attain some form of Demi-Godhood in this body is still present but the problem is the goal is somewhere out there beyond the horizon where as everyday life problem, the pain of breathing itself is always here, staring at my face. That’s the funny thing about goals.



Damn, it seems the whole forum has completely changed just within few months. There is hardly anybody recognizable left now.


So if I drink too much will my parents, ancestors also be affected by it following the law of Sympathetic Magick???


I miss early summer BALG feelsbadman


Figured out Rigidity in body has a strange connection with thought patterns. What a strange connection !


Even after 8 years still dreaming about her. Can’t help but check if she has upload a pic of her on Facebook. Can’t help it, she is so beautiful and innocent and pure. Slightly sad and depressed too, and I wanted to know what made her sad, make her completely open up to me and take away all of it from her.

Probably she has even forgotten my name by now.