Journal into the unknown

I’ve decided to keep a journal here to help monitor my progress and to keep me motivated.

Currently working on vibrating LAM 1,000,000 times to strengthen my mulahadra and develop clairaudience. This will also be an exercise in patience and persistence. I don’t expect to get it done fast but I expect to get it done.

Total LAMs: 1000

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this sounds very interesting. Can you elaborate a bit further, like what is LAMs?

@Belphegor LAM is a mantra associated with the root chakra. I heard that years ago someone vibrated the mantra 1,000,000 times and unlocked clear clairaudience. @DarkestKnight knows what I mean.

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It wasn’t a million times. It was about 2000 times a day for 50 days.

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Well that just makes my job easier. @DarkestKnight

Entry 2

Seems like I’m gonna have to put things on hold for a bit. Definitely feel like I’m getting the message to slow down and find my path. Ever since a few weeks ago I’ve been trying everything and seeing what works but it seems that a more well thought out approach would be best. A few weeks ago something changed and I felt like I was making real progress but I seem to have gone back to square one somehow. Taking a couple days to think things through may be just what I need to try and find my path.

Entry 3
After thinking very carefully about what I should be working on. I think I’ve figured it out. My journey of self empowerment begins today. Just need to figure out what steps to take.

Entry 4
Got a list of spirits that I should work with as well as a few other interesting details thanks to the infernal natal chart. Perhaps the next step is to reach out to one of those spirits. I was lead to believe that Belial is one I should prioritize but I don’t think I’m quite ready yet. Hopefully a simple letter will suffice for now.

Entry 5
A lot has happened in past couple weeks. It looks like I must evoke Lucifer soon. No idea how I’m going to go around that but I’ll try the same process as last time. Hopefully I’ll get better results.

Entry 6
Performed my first evocation. I’m proud of myself for finally doing it. One down, four to go.

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Entry 7
Confirmed that my evocation worked and that I wasn’t just sitting in the dark with a pendulum. Also confirmed that my divination is getting much better. So much progress in just a few weeks.

Entry 8

So much has happened recently. With the help of a friend doing a blank evocation I discovered a shadow being that says he’s a shadow king and son of Satan has taken an interest in me. I’ll have to draw and open his sigil to open further communication. Also successfully completed my second evocation last night. Two down, three left.

Entry 9
In the last few days I’ve
-witnessed a triple possession due to a pact
-had an interesting conversation with someone possessed by Lucifer, in which he painted a very vivid picture for me if I don’t work some stuff out
-did my third evocation out of five
-got two interesting tarot readings to point me in the right direction

Things are getting weird.

Entry 10
In the last few weeks
-talked to Lucifer again once through him possessing someone, once during evocation
-had the lesson I must learn hammered home
-decided to start shadow work

Lucifer was right…again. Why can’t he ever tell me about something good that’s going to happen? Either way I have to sort out my negativity via shadow work since as usual meditation isn’t on the table for me. I seriously need to learn how to do that. I think I’ve found a valid method but as usual no one’s really giving me enough to go off of. I know they’re doing this on purpose so I learn on my own but it’s frustrating. It wouldn’t kill them to give a real helpful answer for once.

Entry 11
Starting shadow work using this new journal. Went through a basic question to start amd just wrote everything that came to mind. Noticed myself starting to get emotionally while writing. Probably means that it’s working. Considering buying an Oracle deck as well. Not to mention that mirror method of shadow work I found.

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Entry 12
Tried to use a mirror to contact my shadow last night. I didn’t get any results as expected but instead had a dream that I’m 95% sure was a message. Going to keep going and see what happens.

Entry 13
Went back to using the journal method and writing about what the dream was telling me, also incorporated tarot into it. Got a more intense emotional response, so much so that I had to take time afterwards to calm down. Been a few hours now and I still feel different somehow. I don’t know how to describe it but I think it’s good. Things seem…clearer somehow. Like I’m looking at things through a higher quality screen. Maybe it’s just me. I thought shadow work was supposed to be bad and traumatic but I think I enjoy getting this stuff out. We’ll see how long that lasts though.

Entry 14
Confronted my shadow a few times now. Just did it for the third time
First encounter- it changing shape in the dark
Second encounter- it started giving of an ominous energy
Third encouter- its face started changing and shifting
I asked it to send me another message. Let’s see what happens

Entry 15
I’m being led down a path of pain and trauma. It hurts but I’ll face it. I don’t know why it’s going this way.

Entry 16
It’s gotten much better but I’m still not sure why I was sent down that path. Going to assume the spirits know and aren’t going to tell anymore than they have. Can only wonder what’s next. Starting a daily training regiment to be ready. Daily meditation, frequent divination and energy work should be a good starting point.