Journal 13: Evocation of Belial

Hello, everyone. Merry Xmas? I dunno, lol…

I did my evocation of Belial yesterday night. His energy was incredibly intense. It’s extremely hot, like a lake of fire. The environment was so eerie…usually, my ritual space is full of sounds from nature, especially at night. This time, however, it was incredibly quiet. It could just be my imagination, but it was just odd…

Belial demanded that I write this journal down as further signature and as evidence of our agreement (which I will get to in a bit). Belial is rough…like a strict but caring father. With this, he works incredibly fast. It’s almost impossible how fast he rearranges one’s life. His involvement in the lowering of my biggest bill has shown me how powerful he can be.

I am working with Belial to get my first business off of the ground, so that I can make passive income and be free from a boss for the rest of my life. I’ve always had an issue working for someone else. Independence is one of my natural traits, so getting told what to do by someone who eats, sleeps, and shits the same way that I do has always been a pain in the ass for me. I want to leave the 9 to 5 as soon as possible so that I can be financially independent from everyone.

Belial sees this in me, and he really desires to help. I offered to work with $4,000 a month, as this would be plenty for someone my age to live decently. However, Belial insisted that we both work to make $10,000 a month. Thus, I agreed with his suggestion.

During the evocation, he came as a black hooded figure. Originally, I was suppose to offer him some of the most expensive chocolate I could find, and a lot of my own blood in exchange for his help. Hours before the evocation, as I was in the process of getting the items, he said to disregard them and come to the evocation with no physical offerings. Confused, I asked why. He simply said that he had “something far better in store”, and laughed.

[We both sit in chairs, face to face, as in a business meeting]

Belial: Hello, Lucius. Finally decided to see me in the night, hm?
Me: Well, you wanted us to meet at night.
Belial: I sensed fear in you, boy. I thought you would procrastinate. But you didn’t disappoint. Interesting…
Me: Well, I don’t want to keep you here for long. I know you’re busy.
Belial: Oh… I have all night. I made sure I did for such a…special occasion. (laughter)
Me: What do you mean?
Belial: Tell me, Lucius…what exactly do you, a mere piss in a pot, want from me, King Belial?
Me:…I would like your assistance in business. I need you to help me make $10,000 per month in passive income, so that I may be free from the 9 to 5 cycle and further my ascension in the path.
Belial: Interesting. And what medium would you like to work with?
Me: Music.
Belial: Splendid. You’ve always had a musical gift.
Me: Will this be possible with you?
Belial: Anything is possible with me, boy. I can help you. You hate having a job, hm?
Me: Yes. I can’t stand being told what to do, especially by someone as asleep and robotic as my manager…
Belial: Feisty… ‘who is she’, right? (laughter) You’ve changed, boy. You’ve grown more dominant. You’ve grown a backbone now. I like that. Asmodeus’ teachings have been working, I see.
Me: The way I see it, I shouldn’t even be there. They speak of the most trivial things…Sports, gossip, nightly news, politics, all of the useless distractions. I just don’t give a damn. There’s an entire hidden world directly on top of this one, and all these people care about is a god damn football game. I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy such things, but there comes a point where you need to say “fuck all of that…what the Hell is really going on?” I just don’t get it…why do they not care? Why does half of the world refrain from looking into this stuff?
Belial: Two reasons. The first is fear. Many people crumble at the word ‘demon’ or ‘jinn’. Hell, many crumble at the word ‘spirit’ (laughter). We’ve been given a bad reputation, boy. The second is a psychological trick… elimination of responsibility. If a person knew about this information, they would be held responsible for knowing it. That means that they will never return to a normal life, and will have to dive deeply down the rabbit hole, as you did. I’ll be honest, Lucius, most people do not have the capacity to handle such a responsibility. The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Deep down in its depths, everyone knows what is going on. Everyone. But the ego blocks the light. The ego says "I don’t want to know this. The truth is too negative. The truth hurts. If I know this information, I will be held responsible for it, and I may even become an outcast. I may never connect with the average man and woman ever again.
Me: But why though? Why label someone like Lucifer as a bad person, when in reality he is one of the most patient, powerful and caring beings in existence? Why label Yah as an "all-loving deity’ when he is really a weak parasite?
Belial: How do you spiritually deaden and control a people, boy?
Me: I don’t know. How?
Belial: You invert the truth. It is called Obfuscation. You cloud the truth in many lies, so that the average person will never look to find it. Knowledge is power, Lucius. If you want to control a people, you cut them off from it. You tell them that it is sinful, and they’ll burn forever if they look into it. Hence, the deepest depths of the occult. To gain an edge over the population, you disguise the real good guy, the powerful being that can change one’s life… as the bad guy. You tell the public that he is evil, and should be avoided at all costs. You tell them that if they insist on worshiping him, they will burn in a lake of fire forever. The effect is that the masses avoid that being altogether, thereby removing them from the potentially limitless power that such a being can offer for them. Who do you think this power goes to? The ones who have the knowledge. The ones who wrote such a lie, and those with the balls to pursue the Truth. In return they become richer…powerful…intelligent…while the masses remain ignorant. It is all for a power differential.
Me: …Woah…I never thought of it that way.
Belial: To add salt unto the wound, and to make sure that the masses never spiritually enlighten themselves enough to take their power back, construct a parasitic egregore…one that will grow and feed on worship and energy, while giving a piss-poor pittance in return. Call him Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah…any other “ah”…Tell the masses that this parasite is the ‘good guy’, that he is the ‘One True God’ and that if you be a good, docile little boy…AKA a powerless slave…you will go to his ‘Heaven’ once you pass over. Obviously, this egregore is a spiritual diversion…a leech, if you will, that robs the people of their spiritual energy. It offers nothing in return, yet expects worship. It feeds off of their false hopes and dreams, and leaves them spiritually blind. You could say that they constantly run into a spiritual “brick wall”, and they don’t even know it. Meanwhile, those with the knowledge work with the real powerful being, and ascend in power, knowledge, wealth, and freedom…at the expense of everyone else. Or…simply tell them that the universe is a grand cosmic accident, a dead and cold machine, and that the spirit world is non-existent. Anyone who claims to be seeing spirits is in need of psychological medication to dull their psychic abilities. That works, too…
Me: Woah…Are you saying that you guys and Lucifer were made out to be the bad guys, so that the masses would not acquire the power that you have to offer? Meanwhile, those who know the Truth about you guys, yet wish to gain power over other people, continued to work with you all, so that they could gain an edge over other people? Meanwhile…the real bad guy, Yah and the many other names he goes by, was given to the masses as a “spiritual trap” so that they could remain blind and deadened, while worshipping a false-deity and relying on false hope?
Belial: Yes.
Me: But I don’t get it…you’re all simply okay with that? Can’t you do something?
Belial: That’s the people’s problem, Lucius. Not ours. They chose this fate. This entire game could be over within a day. Yet, the people choose…by their own free will choice, to remain ignorant of the truth. They don’t look into things. They don’t read books. They dismiss knowledge. That is why it is called IGNORE-ance. Humans choose to ignore that which is necessary. It is a sad fate, indeed. But it is one that the greater bulk of humanity chose for themselves. And by the looks of it, it is only going to get worse.
Belial: Which brings me to you, Lucius. So let’s get back on track, shall we? You know the Truth. You’ve earned it. You’re deep into this path. That being said, you’re going to have to let go of your old self. He is a weakling. A peon. He needs to be cleansed. I can help you become financially independent, Lucius, but I require a great sacrifice from you first.
Me: You told me hours ago to discard all of my offerings. What, then, could I offer you?

[Belial changes forms, changing into a red hooded figure, with horns and a glowing mouth and eyes. He grins at me, amusingly]

Belial: (amusingly) I spoke to Lilith.
Me: Aw shit…
Belial: I HATE addiction. I think it is the sign of a weak man. I can help you, but as payment, I require that you quit porn, and that you quit junk food. Today.
Me: Belial…
Belial: Take it or leave it.
Me: (sigh)…look… I understand that you’re trying to help me. I really do. I know I have an issue, okay? I have a problem.
Belial: Then why do you insist on continuing such a problem?
Me: Because I literally can’t stop! I’ve tried everything! I don’t know if I can do this…
Belial: Cut that bullshit out. Boy, you are too far with us for such a pathetic response. No weakness is allowed with us. None. I’m not helping you until you decide to kill the little bitch within you.
Me: You have no other option?
Belial: None. Take it or leave it.

I sat for a moment and thought. I had tried to quit these addictions, but I would always succumb to it. Even when Lilith took away my companion, I would still relapse…albeit less often.

Me: Alright. I’ll do it. I’ll try.
Belial: Are you sure? You told Lilith the same thing.
Me: I’m doing the best I can!
Belial: Yet here you are…complaining that we are trying to help you. Do you know what that tells me?
Belial: Deep down, within your subconscious mind, you still hold value to these addictions. You may not consciously be aware of it, but subconsciously, you don’t want to let these addictions go. That is why you continue to relapse, regardless of the consequences. The reward is more valuable than the pain. But even such a psychological mechanism has its limits…
Me: Limits?
Belial: I have a catch, Morningstar.
Me: There’s a catch…
Belial: In the event that you decide not to listen to me, and you deliberately relapse and disobey my request, I burn your studio down.
Me: WHAT!? You said you would help me through music! How would this be possible if you burn my studio down?

(My music studio is one of my most prized possessions, and one of the things that I put absolute blood, sweat, and tears into creating)
Belial: Well, boy, it won’t happen if you abide by my request. In the event that you decide to willingly piss me off, I burn the entire damn thing down, until you smell nothing but charred wood. I will still help, but you’re going to have to find another studio. Yourself.
Me: No no no…Belial that’s too much. That’s too much.
Belial: …You didn’t let me finish. In the small chance that this doesn’t seem to be enough for you, and you relapse again even after this, I progressively destroy your life. Piece by piece. I destroy your car, I destroy your friendships, I destroy your job, hell, I’ll destroy your house… and I’ll leave you homeless to fend for yourself.
Me: (sitting up abruptly) I’M NOT AGREEING TO THIS.
Belial: Is that so?
Me: You basically said that you’ll destroy my fucking life!
Belial: Yes. If that’s what it takes.
Me: (furious) My family lives in that house!!! You’re going to destroy them, too!?
Belial: If you care about them, you’ll take care to my request. I never said I’d kill them. Buuut…If they’re in the midst of the fire, it will be an unlucky day for you, won’t it?
Me: This has gone too god damn far.
Belial: Oh! I agree, Lucius. Couple of months into talking with demonic kings and all-powerful spirits, and you’re still using that drug you call pornography in a dark room… like a heroin junkie. Absolutely pathetic. You want to be financially independent? You want to have more money than you could have ever dreamed of? You want to get your family out of poverty? This is what I require.
Me: But me losing S. was enough!! And you insist on going further!
Belial: Oh…but you still decided to relapse, didn’t you? Looks like we need to push the dial even further, then. Listen to me very carefully…I will not let you progress further into this path unless you agree to these terms, understand? There is no more room for weakness now. You are either in, or you’re out.

In a fit of rage, and not thinking correctly, I began to trash my ritual space, taking out my anger on every object I could find. Oddly, this didn’t seem to make Belial angry. He sat there, watching my tantrum patiently. It was eerie. After I was done, and tears were in my eyes:

Belial: (progressive, hysterical laughter) Your reaction says it all…you’re still holding on to this false Self. Deep down in your mental roots, you’re still latching on to your addictions, because they seem to be the only things that give you the pleasure you desire. But it is an illusion. After relapsing, you just feel more depressed. In turn, you participate in your addictive activities more frequently, and it leads to a feedback loop. In such an event, the only cure is a potentially intense and painful outcome.
Me: Please…you can’t do this…I’ll give you anything else. anything.
Belial: Well, judging by your tantrum, quitting your addictions for good would be the most valuable thing you can give me. Therefore it is the only thing I will take from you. Nothing else.
Me: Why are you all doing this? Why?
Belial: You wanted to be strong, right? Powerful? Well, here you go. Such things are not easy to obtain. Worth it, however? Yes. You obviously don’t see the bigger picture. According to Azazel, this is your last evocation before you take a good break, Lucius. You have seen enough already. From this point forward, you have two options:You make your promise to me to quit your addiction, and I help you make passive income so that you can be free to do whatever you wish with your limited and precious time. If you don’t keep your promise, I destroy everything you know and love, and leave you permanently powerless. Or, you can dismiss me right now, and continue to live your life as the weakling that you currently are…broke and working a job you despise…meanwhile suffering from two addictions that you deeply cling on to, but are not willing to admit it to yourself. Tell me…which one will bring you more pain in the long run?

I thought about it for a few moments, and calmly sat back down.

Me: Let’s discuss this.

We came to an agreement upon the terms. I promised him that I would permanently quit my addictions from there on out. In terms of pornography, I was never allowed to voluntarily look at it ever again, and never allowed to participate in a…“session”. Some may call this extreme, but Belial thought it was necessary. I seem to have a huge problem with self control, especially when it comes to lustful acts like pornography, so it would be best that I simply stop watching completely, and for life.

Belial was kind enough to give me leeway in the junk food ordeal. I was allowed to eat junk food in the event of family outings, outings with friends or companions, on dates, and when someone decides to gift me with some food that isn’t too healthy. In the event that I willingly try to break my promise, however, I would suffer the consequences. So no more voluntarily purchasing such food for myself and eating it for my own addictive pleasures. Like most of Law, It’s quite complicated, and the rules are not as stiff…but Belial told me that he would let me know before-hand if I’m fucking up or not, and so will my intuition.

The promise was made both verbally and in blood, by the both of us, on his sigil. He promised (verbally and in blood) to help me make at least $10,000 a month in passive income through the medium of music. In exchange, I permanently quit my addictive behavior. In the event that I decide to deliberately break my promise, he burns my studio down. If I so persist after that, he progressively destroys my life.

It may seem like such a request is extreme. I would say that it is. But as extreme as it is, Belial feels that it is necessary. To him, it seems that my addiction is deeply rooted in my subconscious mind. Consciously I want to quit. I really do. But it seems that subconsciously I still seem to latch on to these behaviors, perhaps because they have been with me for so long, and in the past, have helped me get through difficult times before I realized they were actually addictions. I feel as though Belial is using fear and consequence as a technique and an offering, because fear and pain are the biggest feelings that can penetrate and leave an imprint on the subconscious mind.

That being said, per Azazel’s request, I will be going on a hiatus for a couple of months…maybe two or three. I will post very rarely of my adventures with spirits. According to Azazel, it seems that these evocations have done a number on my energy system, so he wants me to take a break from spirit work until I heal. Perhaps it wasn’t wise to do them so frequently and in such great numbers. But you learn, I suppose…

Thanks for reading.

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:rofl::joy: I laughed my ass off my grand mother and mother would always tell me that i needed to watch these sports because its what men watch. I’m 24 and whenever someone talks about football I stay quiet while thinking about elevator music.


You can do it it’s not hard granted selff control is what you need to keep going get a calendar mark the days off as you go by that you don’t think about these addiction if you feel the need do something else you enjoy like drawing painting building something sewing pick up a positive hobby to replace the negitive ones meditate inside your magic circle and release the energy to have that need it’s a normal human thing to want to do these things butttt it’s also what’s been holding you back from getting things done


I enjoyed reading your journal @LuciusOfficial
You can do it!

I’m on a house arrest from magick myself by Asmodeus which is quite annoying. Not allowed to do anything but read and watch videos. They really do know what’s best for us!
Even though i acted like a brat at the time. I’m okay with it now.

They can tell when we need to recuperate.

Listen to Azazel and Belial. I wish you well.


Lol You really love pornografy. Why don’t You spank yourself while seeeing pornografy? It Will make you avoid it. Then You Will be forever free. Keep strong lucius

This was like reading a short story, I was worried that you’d refuse. I’m proud you’ll comply, you might not see it yet but everything here is positive for you, what you give and what you get.

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Great post. Extremely entertaining, humorous and educational. Shows how the conversation in evocation really takes place. Sometimes, it’s more of a heated business argument that ends in a solid handshake from both sides. Cold showers work well. Go running. Hope you are doing well.


I was reading your journals in order, and this was the best post until now. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing your light with us.



Hi there @LuciusOfficial

May I know if this was an actual conversation you and King Belial had? At least in terms of the wordings and such? Was it telepathic? Was is verbal?

Curious. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it was a real conversation, face-to-face :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m still grateful for it to this day.

It was telepathic. That’s how I hear spirits.


Actually i have learning alot from your journal …

Interesting one

Lol Belial is a badass


What is Belial like?? I want to work with him and Asmodeus.

Use the search function. Also, the OP is inactive.

Saying something like this to a demon like Belial = trouble


For some reason every time I think of Belial or hear/read his name I always get a connection with the color blue. LOL.

Hmmm, wonder what it means

I wonder the same thing. I keep thinking Belial is associated with blue or his skin is blue

Thank you for taking the time to write this down. Amazing read and inspiring