Joker crazy

I hear the movie joker is good study about crazy people. maybe he’s gone mad and possessed. I haven’t seen it yet. It’s good for those who wants to study psychi of people. Maybe it will lift you when you see how mess up joker’s life is. Just don’t be crazy like him after his transformation into joker.

Actually I haven’t seen it either but I will tell you though…it’s not Batman’s joker… If dc logo not on it it’s not the real deal how ever it is about another who calls him self joker with same kinda crazy level as joker just not the same person heard it was a good movie tho


You can also think of it like this. Tragedy and the suffering he went through opened him to the truth of reality and how shit really is and was “awakened”. Anything against societie’s norm is blasphemous and he basically said " fuck this and fuck you(to society). I’m gonna show the truth even if collateral damage happens. I have ro show the truth by any means necessary."

It’s base on the DC comic joker. A twist of origin story focusing on joker. i hesitate to see it cuz i wanted action. This is psychological character buildup story. It is from batman joker dc comics. Just the focus is on joker.

Good movie, as for good in studying psychi of ppl Well its still only a movie spin wouldnt go that far(:slight_smile:
Spoiler alerts.
As a movie this is kinda interesting since Joker is considered a lunatic, all that happends in the movie may be a memory or a totaly fictional story of the joker. And the story also has fictional ideas of events in it Joker thinks things he want to happend happend but its all in hes Imagination.
As for him realising the truth of reality i Will say yes and No.
In the end when he really embraces who he is and ”becomes” the joker he ha scone to the realisation that he dont fit the social norm but he dont think that there is anything wrong with him for that its only a matter of perspective.

Anyhow good movie go see it.

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I"m a hypnotherapist so i study and observe things about human relations and emotions and stuff. Many people watch blindly . I am more context base watcher. There’s good info study about behavior if you got good people watching skills. I probably get more learning out of it then normal people. Many people don’t realize that you can learn lots from movies. Depending on your focus. Koreans love story is good with the human social aspects if you ever watch any korean shows.

The Joker is truly The Fool. He is the zero card, outside of the game. The little boy that tells everyone the emperor is naked. He sees the truth, if no one else does.


A decent hybrid of “Taxi Driver” and “King of Comedy”.


I see your point, then in my view i do focus to as you say watch it fairly bli fly since i think thats the basic purpous of a movie and i still can draw conclusions and interpretated things and meanings of it.
But i also believ that thats only based from my view and experiences and depending on background one can read more i to something them was actually intended by the Eritrea, direktors and actors and then one can argue If that thing is actually there or not If it wasnt intended but i see something or make a conclusion based on my observations.
We interpretate the world based on our experiences and similaritys of situations, so for that reason there are tons of layers in everything for interpretation by everyone but those ”trueths” are they really there or not If they wasnt put there intentionally?
But in the end does it really matters(;

I had to look at the info on it in in fact you are right so my apologies anyway what they did was make up a back story for him since they didn’t take anything from the comics or the buiral ground that was already paid out for joker smh but I’ll still give it a shot I’m a die hard dc fan sooo this would be interesting to see I pretty much know every thing DC so we will see if it gives joker a good light in this

Im actually about to watch it right now so we will see

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It matters because your using it to learn things that are applicable to life. Just use your mind wisely and don’t learn the crazy shit like many people who learns to shoot people through violence shooter games. I would think if you observe behavior of joker. One might learn to stay away from crazy people. lol

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It was a good movie. I liked it :slightly_smiling_face:


What i mean was does it matter If the lessons we learn comes from some sort of intended input in to movie or If its all in our head based on out experiences and interpretations.
To me it doesnt the lessons we learn serves its purpous anyway.
I may learn the a secret from Donald duck to help me enslige the entire world, pretty sure thats not the intended input message for Donald duck but thats irrelevant for the lesson that you learn.

And my personal thought on video games and violent movies being the reason ppl shoot or kill other ppl well there are a couple of pieces missing in that puzzle. Ive been playing games and watching violent movies since i was 5-6 and i understand that you dont go out and use that, common sense to me(:

That crazy bastard may be the only sane one left. Joseph Heller, Catch 22


I think it was good for the most part this joker isn’t better then Heath legders joker but he easily comes in second place it’s not easy to play a joker role and for this movie was a good back story with some actually elements of the comics

By now you should realize that common sense isn’t really common sense. Especially with all the crazy things people do. There’s tons of mass shooting this yr.

You would think in a relationship , the other person would talk to you in person if things are in conflict to show social friend etiquette. however, they have no common sense to talk in person if they want to break thing offs yet they do it through avoidance/ghosting/silence and even text/email.

The movie is political. It’s basically saying that governments don’t give a damb about the people and want to limit as much freedom as possible. They only want our money. We need anarchy. It’s true.

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What doesn’t kill u simply makes u stranger