Jinn Magick

Can I use a black flameless candle for Corwin Hargrove’s “Practical Jinn Magick” book?
I can’t burn candles anywhere because of my pets. Thanks


The candle is for you, it does not have any significant ¨power¨

If you did do proper research prior the posting this question, you would have read on this forum that some practitioners did not used the candle and still got their results.


Because Corwin Hargrove mentions the Jinn are dangerous to work with, I wasn’t sure if I could stray from using an actual candle. Since I have never worked with the Jinn before, I didn’t want to do anything that would cause any danger.

When I did the search I typed in Jinn, but didn’t see anything about candles. That’s why I asked.


I’m going to give a different opinion. I just started work with Hargroves system in practical Djinn magick and after reading the first half the book a few times I do actually think a real candle is necessary because fire is the living link to the Djinn.

Other people may have gotten results without it but for me just starting out with it I feel like the fire is needed to make the connection with the spirits.

Just my opinion and I could be wrong.


I did order a real candle and bought a flameless one as well. Have you gotten results yet?

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Yes I have I followed the instructions to the letter and asked for help with money and the money I needed showed up less than 5 hours later. I’m really impressed by the simplicity and power of the system.


Here’s a link to my documentation of the djinn ritual in my balg journal if you’re curious.


I don’t usually use a candle when working with his system. I imagine it, despite not being able to see it due to aphantasia. I’ve used a white tea light a few times (the first year I worked with his system), but I’ve never once had a black candle to use.


That’d probably work just imagining the candle would be enough yeah I bet. Good thinking outside the box.


I either didn’t have any money period, or couldn’t buy locally and by the time I could order something it would have been too late to use with the workings I did :woman_shrugging:t3:

This is however why I’ve been trying to take photos of what I use and what I do in my journals- just to show we don’t actually need fancy tools lol.


That’s cool! Sometimes I like tools sometimes I like to do it free hand. Just depends on my mood and the particular ritual.

I think it’s important for beginners in magick in general to understand that tools aren’t necessary to achieve satisfactory results.


The candle visualization you described is actually pretty cool and I think it covers having fire present to connect with the djinn spirits.


Did you ask for a specific amount of money?

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Thats why I said :point_down:

No, I asked for enough to meet my needs. I actually got more than enough.


Why not. If it represents fire to the Magician I personally see no reason it couldn’t be used. That’s another good example of thinking outside the box. Gold Star for creativity @sanaRo .

From how I read the book fire was the direct connection with the Djinn. So having something in your mind to represent fire on the astral or on the altar like a symbol is probably cool. @Keteriya and others are getting results without literal fire.

For me I’m sticking with my black candle though. Maybe it’s a crutch or a tool but I feel like helps me.

I did another Djinn ceremony tonight. I think the system rocks because of how easy it is to use.


I wonder why everything has to be done at night. In Corwin Hargrove’s other book he mentioned working at a certain time of day under a certain moon condition, but since I had a time frame I had to just do the working. I think it was the Influence book with Angel’s and some Goetia.

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I actually haven’t read any other hargrove so I wouldn’t be able to say for sure on that.

I haven’t worked with the Jinn so I can’t really comment on that but I’ll say usually such methods are not specifically necessary to establish contact. I’ve worked with some more Astrological type Spirits outside of the appropriate Planetary hour of tradition, and I could still contact them, however, instruments like these should not just be disregarded in my opinion as they help to establish contact. As as for Astrological spirits, while it’s not necessary to contact them at the appropriate Astrological time, calling on them at the right Planetary Hour, Mansion of the Moon, or any other factor does actually help to establish contact. It simply makes the connection clearer.


Although, in the context of this, in Chaos Magick theory, modifying the ritual is going to weaken the ritual, because many have repeated the working just as is, and that gives the ritual more power. The candles may also have been used in tradition and that gives it even more power in this ritual.


If you did actually researched on this forum, you would have read that time of the day did not mattered. As some practitioners got results when doing these rites, during the day.

I found some beeswax candles that have a cotton wick and are lead free, they are pet friendly and I will use those. It seems like there is structure with the Jinn, whereas other types of magick can be altered, like you mentioned in Chaos Magick.

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