Jinn Magick

In my experience, astrological timing can add a bit of extra oomph to a ritual, but it is not absolutely essential, though some systems make it sound like it is. You should be able to do a ritual when you need to, otherwise it’s pretty useless magick if you have to wait until a particular moon phase before you can summon a spirit.


That’s true. Some stuff people need to do and don’t have time to wait. Isn’t it if you do any magick on a new or full moon there is alot more power added?

Not in my experience, but some believe that.


at the time i was using the book i didnt have a chance to burn the candles so i used imaginary candle. I just imagined the candle burning and i continued the ritual and it worked just fine.

i guess sometimes is all about our will and if you dont have the magical supplies needed just use what you have.


I’m usually the first to say that the only tool you really need is your mind, but these are fire spirits, so I think making the space available for an actual living flame is worthwhile for this magick. A black candle, lit in a dark room, helps you to focus on the flame itself, as though it were there on its own. If you are distracted by pets, it’s hard to get into the flow of the ritual. I know of some witchy types whose cats are nearby during ritual and don’t interfere, but if you need to close a door for a bit to focus on magick then I think that is worthwhile. I like the brand “Light in the Dark” for candles. You can get a box of 72 votive candles for like $20 on Amazon. I have white, black, and red candles for various purposes. For these I’d suggest something to place the candle on to catch wax as well.

I’m also usually the first to say that astrology is not a concern when it comes to ritual magick. That being said though, astrology done well is a legitimate system of divination, and it does seem that certain styles of magick which are more connected to “planetary” powers benefit from taking some astrological principles into consideration. I don’t think you need to be ultra uptight about it, but I think it’s best to listen to the author of a grimoire and follow their instructions first before trying out new stuff.


In most ritual magick astrology doesn’t matter, but when working with Astrological spirits, using right Astrological timing can make the connection clearer. Even if you work with the 7 Olympic Spirits, you will likely notice a difference when you work with them at the first Astrological hour of the appropriate day, even though you can work with them any other time.

With that said, Astrology was quite important to in the Islamic world during the Medieval Ages and the Renaissance, but I wouldn’t really call Jinn Astrological spirits, so it may not be so much of an issue when working with them.


That is true, however when working with this system you dealing with the 7 Djinnic Kings that are assigned to one of the 7 planets. (Sun and Moon are not theoretically planets)
Someone told me that working with these 7 Djinnic Kings its best to do the rites on the proper day and proper planetary hour. Because those Djinnic Kings are more powerful during that specific time and the mage has less change to come in contact with a imposter.
So I was told.

Edit: the person was a Egyptian man that had 6,5 years of experience with Djinnic magick


If they are directly related to the Planets then it can be good to work with them in the appropriate time, but also like I said, it isn’t necessary to establish contact. It doesn’t necessarily make them more powerful in the sense of the word, but rather it makes communication clearer with them. And working with the flow of Astrological currents can aid in it, just as doing any action in the appropriate planetary time will aid you in that action.


As @Calcined said it would make sense to try to work within the tides of the planetary days/hours given that these Djinn kings do relate to the 7 planets. I think it could add power to the working to observe the proper hours.

As far as dealing with imposters I’m not too worried about that as I’ve developed my own methods to make sure of the identity of the spirit.

I do agree with @Dankquanicus though that strict observance of planetary times isn’t necessary for making contact or just being effective in general though.


Wow, may I ask which ritual did you use? Increase abundance, untamed riches or other?


The person you are replying to is no longer on the forum and cannot reply. Anytime you see a profile labelled “anon” followed by nine digits, it means the account has been deleted.

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Thanks, Darkesnight! I had no idea. I wonder if they mentioned somewhere which ritual it was.

Most likely the untamed riches one. I have yet to see that give a big result yet but I have not seen much shift myself from these particular rituals though some are a few weeks old only and looking at some other users it can take a few months at times even with Jinn or they just blank you. Either one really. Without knowing the situation of the money appearing, how much, what ritual etc we cannot comment on what happened as such. With untamed riches I found a 5 pound note in the drain outside and not much else sadly but not done much walking around, oh I won a scratch card also but it was only 4 pounds return if I remember right from a pound spent. I now rely more on my own magickal system I have made for myself though do love stuff about the Djinn for some reason. I will continue to try various rituals out. Mine are more at self-help like abundance in attraction, orders, confidence. Unlocking confidence etc etc. Getting more magickal knowledge and or power. The Djinn are meant to be great for knowledge pertaining to magick. In fact it may be due to them where I got some of my system from.