Jinn magic

I want to enquire about the Thursday Ritual from Corwin Hargrove’s book “Untamed Riches”. Would it be fine if I mention that I want untamed riches from inheritance or should I not specify what exactly and leave it open for the jinn to decide?

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It’s ideal to leave it open, so at you don’t inadvertently spoil a good thing that you didn’t know about that could have otherwise fulfilled the working.


So shall I say something like, “oh mighty king, I ask thou to shower myself with untamed riches etc?

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I ask thee to shower me with untamed riches. :smiley: Yes. Ah, maybe just use the formal “you”… thee and thou are informal “you” in English and were phased out in the Victorian era, and these are Kings after all, and you only just met. Maybe keep it formal to be extra polite :slight_smile: (Like, how in German, Sie and du are the formal and informal forms of “you”: it’s like that.)

It might be a bit ostentatious: he does say that if you overdo it they just dismiss you as being pretentious, but I’m sure they’ll do what they can. Picture being at least comfortably wealthy in your mind so you don’t have to check your balance to buy things, and watch for opportunities.


Appreciated brother

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Also one last thing, if I do this ritual is there any point in doing the Wednesday ritual to increase abundance? @Mulberry

Yeah, I would do both. Different Kings, they can work together for the same cause.

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