Jason Miller, why not include the circle casting ritual in The Sorcerer's Secret?

As I’ve been working with this book, I keep asking the question above. He includes his circle casting rite in his book on Protection and Reversal Magick. That’s fine, but it’s my understanding that The Sorcerer’s Secret is the beginning book in the series, the one you start off with. It includes sections on different aspects of magick such as Influence, Intelligence Gathering, Money, and Seduction, each being expanded on in his other books. However, I’m not sure that was his intention.

I’m using the Sphere of Hekate as the circle casting part of my rituals with the book. It seems as if it should be put in the Sorcerer’s Secret in addition to Protection and Reversal Magick. Why do I need two books to do this?

That’s really a question for him.

We can speculate all we want, but we can’t speak for someone else. You can probably find him on facebook or something.

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Ask him on his Strategic Sorcery blog.

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