Jar spell + radionics?

Hi there!

I’m rather new with radionics, I just recently got Wishbox 2.0 from J.S. Garrett. I’ve been planning to do a sour jar for quite a while to give a payback to someone and I started to think that why not amplify the operation with my new toy :slight_smile:

So have you guys done anything like this? I’m wandering how to go about it exactly. Just put jar with baneful stuff to the input and picture of target to receiver? Or the whole jar to to receiver and a baneful sigil to input? Or to do them as separate things, do the curse in old school way and then do another one with the Wishbox…?

Any ideas or experiences doing this are most welcome :blush:

I think the receiver is the target, in all cases.

The the jar, which has been set up with your intention already, doesn’t really need the help of the wish box, but it probably wouldn’t hurt and you can intend that the box amplifies or accelerates the effect.

Depending on the sigil, it won’t do anything by itself, it’s still just a bit of paper. So if it’s a chaos sigil, then like the jar you charge it with your energy and intention and activate it, then put it on the box to direct and maybe amplify it.

If it’s an entity sigil you should make sure your intention is worded well, chare, open and ask the entity for the work, confirm they are doing it, then but that on the input. Like the jar here, the box is a bit overkill again as the entity is already doing it’s thing, but why not?

I’d make the jar and sigil separate workings. Unless the jar was to be enchanted to the entity, like Hekate or Santa Muerte something.

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I just purchased a wish box too!

I personally for a jarspell put them all on the copper plate, I’ve been combining radionics with ritual magick for quite sometime now, the good thing about this is, one doesn’t just need to put a sigil on there.

Imagine you did a baneful jar spell, now all those energies, powers, forces and so forth are contained therein like a baneful battery if you will. We can amplify this with external sources of bane for example yes a sigil can be used for example, activating a sigil of a baneful spirit calling it forth through it. Using that sigil as almost a sigillic gateway, a vortex through which its energy, power and presence can travel through.

Another thing you can do is use whats referred to as radionic filter cards for example like this one below.

That one can be used to cause hostility, although as often shown Uncle Chucky (Charles Cosimano) and others have shown one can use the energy behind a certain image for certain energies and effects.

How about an explosive and dreadful destruction ? We could use a real photograph of a nuclear explosion

How about paranoia, insanity, mental breakdowns etc ?

anxiety attack

How about causing arguments in relationships or causing discord


We can even use other talismans and seals such as the saturnian seal of destruction and so forth. Although we aren’t only limited to symbols and photograph’s or sigils, for example one can add baneful herbs, plants, flowers, bottled liquids and a variety of others things onto the plate.

I personally own the hunter, killer system which is a three box radionic set-up wherein i have three boxes which i can connect together and siphon into the baneful operation a load of baneful energies that i may have not used in the ritual. So not only does it amplify the magick, but it invests a load of external energies into it too, the only limitation to this stuff is really ones own creativity and imagination.

For context here are a few images from when I’ve combined radionics and ritual magick.


Wow this is so interesting! but cost so much oof/ is there and affordable version?

Thanks man! I was just watching your baneful jar spell from youtube for inspiration for this working :blush:

Just one little thing… You seem to put sometimes all the implements on the copper plate and sometimes on both plates. When do you use both of them and when do you use just one?

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