I've seen a crack in the veil

I’m not sure what this is related to. But I’ve seen and felt a slight lift of the veil of reality. The deeper understanding that our world is false and the deeper realization that something is beyond all this. I’m unsure of that the next step is but something has hot me. I urge to create a rhp Reformation. Balg is full of lhp sources and materials. This is both difficult and frustrating to someone who isn’t sure where the line is or why the line is. But a Reformation must be made


If you have/can generate charisma, join a mosque, and then become the reformist Islam so badly needs, I think you’d be doing the entire world a MASSIVE service.

I’d attempt this myself if I didn’t have other plans, I even mapped out how it could be accomplished one time.

You could use magick of all formats to get you in the right places, meeting the right people, a few miracles to get a devoted elite guarding you (because the mainstreamers are going to be seriously on your case)…

You could save millions of lives this way, now and for millenia to come, potentially.

Sorry if this is a bit of a heavy reply, not intended to be, just an idea that keeps coming to mind… it would take more than just charisma for someone to pull this off, it would take miracles, magick, and also a pure intent.


There is a imam in Australia pushing for reformaion and speaks out against Islam itself. I have little desire to join a mosque. But I agree with u 200%


Franz Bardon
Scott Cunningham
Israel Regardie
W.E. Butler
Nick Farrell
Aleister Crowley
Aaron Leitch
Francis Barrett
Those are good starting authors imo.


I’ve had an idea on ending human trafficking.
Spies for where they are
Open opportunities for prisoners
Bust the locks open
Snuff out the guards
Open a path for them and healing
Get them toward their opportunity

What I couldn’t do was to figure out how to work it.

Not sure how it’s relevant

Freeing people and healing people, seems RHP to me, and with a good egregore throwing the ritual willed, should cause a shift as well, as the owners would be exposed.

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Excellent points and idea @Lady_Eva.

@C.Kendall And so it begins :wink:


Haha you know it, :wink: I told you.


Ummm… Hadn’t that crack and lifting of the Veil started a number of years ago?:neutral_face:


It’s something different.

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By all due means, explain. Please.


It’s very hard to describe, but what ever is happening seems to be happening globally.

I thought it was just subjective and was personal to me, it started as new opportunity in my life, poltergeist activity, change in my personality.

Then I started noticing others were being affected by it as well in all different ways, plus look how much the forum has grown it even crashed at one point.

This means it’s affecting the global consciousness too, more and more people are joining and starting in magick and the occult.

Plus when I visited the spiritual worlds, it’s seems to be a lot easier getting there, spells and rituals are working and manifesting results a lot faster.

Things in our community is moving at a super fast speed, there are a lot more things as well like entities constantly telling me there’s something changing in the veil between worlds.

There are a lot more things happening too, but I won’t say because I don’t say anything without solid evidence first.


it a state that happens on a personal basis, it means something inside is starting to actually begun to accept it

Some of us, on here and people I know offline, did this working last year - the evocation of the Black Sun into the physical Sun after first eradicating the troll entity from mass-observed reality by using mass combined intent and action, and then we evoked the Black Sun into the physical sun, as an “evocation base” in order to shatter the lock:

This is the exact moment we broke the lock:

Not claiming sole or even group credit exclusively, but when people were like “Hey that was 24 hours ago why is churchs still there pls esplain?” … this kind of liberation is what we were working for, and now it’s becoming tangible.

Also, the reverse torah rituals of the JoS, while I think they’re a bit odd, and the absolutely amazing work that Kurtis Joseph has been undertaking, are, I am told, all aspects of the same larger puzzle, and are part of this change.

I only mention them to make clear my “not claiming all the credit” isn’t false modesty, it’s my awareness many individuals, some of whom are probably working in complete secrecy and isolation, as well as more public individuals and groups, have been working HARD for the events you’re now beginning to see roll out across the mass-observed reality. :thumbsup:

This is bigger than any one group, it is the dawn of the fulfilment of this prophecy, and no, I’m not even joking there:


Do you remember the time leading up to 2012 and the Mayan calendar. How every one was in a panic that it was “The End Of The World”? Even made a cheesy move.

Well in a way they where partly right. It was the end or Death of something. But just like the card Death, that does not necessarily mean a physical one.

It was the end “Death” of an aria of conciseness and the beginning of a new one. The cracking and lifting of the veil is what that calendar signeld.

Thus why the is such a rappid change in the consciousness of humanity and the influx of “occurrences” and all the upheaval the world is experiencing. It’s going through a change.

Did I convey that clearly?

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Things works in a cycle.

I also think a lot of northern westerners are assuming that just because they are waking up to this stuff, the rest of the world is as well. But here’s a newsflash: most of us in the world have already been woke to this for centuries and millenia. Nothing has changed for us, you’ve just catching up to us after letting YOUR ancient traditions get erased and forgotten. So, welcome back!

With that said, I’ll go back to my original statement that things ten to work in a cycle. One age ends and another begins