I've lost a 🔞 bet against Lucifer - Now I have to

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Freya is known to be very sexual My friend who is a druid who helped me learn the runes said Freya can be summed up with the motto “What I can’t fight I f***k”

To me she feels like a big sister but my experience seems to be rare


:joy: Seems just like her at times. Literally everyone falls for her at one stage in their life or the next. Gods, men, dwarves and demons alike. They’ve all fallen for her at one point in their lives.

Even wars were started just for her :joy: as in the Aesir-Vanir war when Odin and his brothers fought over who could have her


How to I communicate with Lucifer like this

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Wow, that was a pretty intense journey. I’m glad you got everything you wanted out of the experience and more. This post builds my confidence in understanding these feelings I’ve been having. Thanks for sharing part of your journey


Thank you Dear,
I’m glad it helped you! :black_heart:

I’m prefer sharing these kind of experiences (emotional/relationship-focused ones) of mine, rather than those what connected to my Spiritual development and the exact way how it happens and doing it.

The answer is pretty simple tho, I’d like to keep in secret everything what I’ve got to evolve myself, it is like a war-strategy, while my emotions and relationships are something else. They are out of the battle, the ring. They are pure, honest and a beautiful ride what I’m ready to admit.



I’m so glad there’s another woman that experiences the same open relationships with spirits and deities like me! Your second paragraph is just… Ugh! It just gave me so much more confidence in who I am! I’m also engaged to many other deities who I bonded with and treasure very dearly. It isn’t about sexual pleasure and serving, you have to have a big, beautiful heart to love many and never have it in you to be jealous. Just as Belial said, it’s a pure thing :heartbeat:


I have a theory that actor channels Lucifer.


Maybe, I can’t be sure I guess. But even if he doesn’t, I’m sure he has done some research.