Ive got Leraje stuck in my head

Ive only invoked leraje once before & i was planning on doing a love spell tonite to tip a date in my favor with the help of sitri tmrw

For some reason leraje keeps popping up in my head instead. I know this girl has been seeing someone lately (though she vents saying she isnt getting the attention she wants)

My intuition is telling me he wants to help by ruining that current relationship to pave the way for me. Do sitri and leraje work well together?

Don’t know, but I don’t see why not? Try it and see what happens :smiley:

Do come back and let us know how it goes! :+1:

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Yea youre right. Im away from my alter as im visiting my hometown currently so i only have a few yellow candles and very little incense.

I also know theres a parasite in my parents house i have to deal with immediately when i get there. Now that ive began this practice i know itll be drawn to me. Really wanna fuckin eat it or burn it ive got so much hate for this thing for fuckin wit me there since i was a teenager. But im not there yet. So LBRP & the servitor Luna will have to do

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So heres how it went:

I did the spells before our date. She seemed into me but she started dating someone shortly before we reconnected which explains why she came short of being super affectionate.

I have to call to leraje tmrw when i have my tarot cards. I just did a simple petition spell to him and its clear now he wants to help me by causing discord.

Im gonna do a sourjar spell this week and boost it with the help of Leraje. If i have success in this Leraje is definitely getting a spot on my alter & ill continue to work with him. Still getting use to his energy signature, the first time i called him he came on strong & made me light headed. This last time i dont think i was in the right headspace being away from home cuz i barely felt him but his sigil was DEFINITELY activated cuz i saw it bending and morphing.

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Nice work! Yeah I like Leraje a lot, sounds like it went great, thanks for the update! :smiley:

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Im excited to work w him. This is the first time ive felt a spirit reach out to me like this!

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I know i keep coming back to this thread but heres how my invocation w leraje went.

I set up my alter & began focusing on his sigil and enn. I tried asking questions thru tarot & i wasnt getting a good connection. So i went back to meditating and something told me to pick my tarot pack up again. First card i flipped was princess of swords, then 6 of cups fell out after that.

The message i got from that was Leraje wanted me to call another spirit in to help. I asked that out loud and all my candles bounced in agreement. I asked if i should call Orias and they bounced again.

So i called In Orias and soon as i felt the connection thru the sigil i looked at my candles and they were burning very bright. Ive never seen flames do that before. So i wrote my petition, drew his sigil on it, activated that sigil and burned it. Offered them both nicotine for coming and promised a meal when the job was done.

Fuckin cool day brothers. This wizard shit can be a roller-coaster i didnt expect this at all.

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Goetia tend to work together, but if you are still curious, ask them. Also, seems like you did some nice work. :smiley:

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Well i was asking a buncha questions. I just wasnt getting clear answers until i picked up my tarot cards the 2nd time. Then it was clear as day. Still getting use to communication.

This ritual left me exhausted i raised my energy a lot to get both of them there. I might fall asleep to an enn tonite to see if theyll come in my dreams and communicate.