It's really weird

I have been finding dead flies and some little insects in my room although I clean it twice or three days in a week. They won’t go away.

And sometimes while I was studying, little flies were flying right in front of my eyes. They aren’t disturbing me but they’re really distracting me.

What should I do about dead flies ? Is there any suggestion about it ? btw I’ll have my room cleaned asap :((

If you’re asking if it’s related to the occult , probably not , take precautions like window nets

I already have them. While I was cleaning my house I noticed that it only occurs in my room and I usually do my magic in it. Thougt that they may somehow connected. Thanx anyway :))

You can always try placing dried lavender near windows and drops of lavender essential oil on openings, insects and flies don’t like the smell…mind you it doesn’t stop bees.
:thinking: just a suggestion

It could be magic related it depends on what your up to…

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Are they the tiny fruit flies? Do you keep bananas in your room - those can come with fruit flies. It’s partly way I stopped buying bananas.

If you get a lot of houseflies all at once, like over 20, you might have a dead something in the walls.

If your intuitions says this means something, consider looking up Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies was a derogatory nickname given to him by JCI but he seems to enjoy it and play with it well enough.


Yeah thats how i know when he is around i get a fly in my house for a whole day then he leaves lol plus incan deel his presence. :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider_web::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

yeah you’re right about lavender. I’ll try that thank you!

I just do my magic thats all…

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I don’t keep bananas in my room. And usually I put my trash into a garbage which is in the kitchen.

and yes, it could be Beelzebub. Sometimes I watch those flies and they are likely to fly around my pen while I am writing. It is kinda funny actually.