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I purchased EA’s course on evocation, and I find my self needing more help. I am honest to goodness, gotten up to section 6, but still things don’t make sense. I did his instruction of scrying and vision gazing, using sigil’s (The 1st one I used was Lucifer’s himself) and nothing happened. And yes, I know it won’t happen on the 1st try, and I’m not actually seeing or hearing anything. But I did it more than once. A lot. I have read the companion book and I don’t see any actual instruction on how to do anything, step by step. When am I supposed to actually start “hearing” and “seeing” the spirits? I know this question has been asked to death on this forum but I just have no clue what is going on. There are credible youtube videos of spirits and possessed objects, I would like to attain that level.

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Welcome to the forum. I believe the Mastering Evocation course is pretty self explanatory, but since you probably haven’t experienced the effects of things like theta gamma synch, let alone reaching the crossroads and such, maybe you are left wondering if what you are doing is right. Well, I can only tell you to keep practising. Keep trying, and slowly you will start improving your abilities. Just don’t give up, and try some meditation techniques frequently if you are having trouble.


Welcome @redwing

It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. Your post tells us nothing about you beyond the fact you purchased EA’s course, and so does not meet the requirement of a proper introduction.

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I have gotten into the occult because I am desperate to turn my life around. I found my way through a website called “joy of satan”, and it gave a little info on how to evoke, but I felt there was too little info. So I finally came here.

My experience with magic…

I tried evoking a demon named “Aini”, by using a paper ouija board. I felt a cold spot on my hand, and the blanchette slid to the letter q. but that was it. I tried evoking Aini a couple more times, but all I got was warm feelings on my arm, like he was caressing me. But nothing more than that.

I have heard of legends of people “selling their soul to the devil” (I searched thru this forum to find out this isnt the case) and they get the riches of this world. EA said in the 1st segment of his evocation course that he got a demon to do crazy things for him, like attracting a girl to flirt with him, to influence his mother to do whatever he wants and get money. It seemed like he got demons to do his bidding.

I’m willing to do the most to end my depression and I have no more fears of the abrahamic concept of hell


So, you have no experience in magick at the moment.

How old are you?

What areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

The answers to these questions can help us to point you in the right direction.

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I’m 23. Well, that ouija board experience counts as… something? nothing sinister has happened in my life and every time I try to evoke Aini, I feel a friendly presence.

I’m interested in pretty much everything. There is nothing about occultism that I won’t soak up. But at the moment I am interested in how EA got demons to his bidding. he said in his video he did it for fun. for the time being, anyway.

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Okay, so your focus is on evocation.

Look around the forum. There are lots of threads full of advice to help answer any questions you may have so make ample use of the search function in the upper right.

Personally, I wouldn’t put much stock in your Ouija board experience being a legitimate spiritual contact. I’ve never heard of a demon called “Aini” and nothing you have described tells me otherwise, as there are many reasonable explanations for what you felt.

Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG!

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but it wasn’t just a coincidence. I felt the symptoms that are commonly reported. Cold spots. Involuntary movement. feelings of being touched.

For my goals in evocation and occuultism… I have very specific set of goals… that which I’m not going to admit publicly. I dont care for attracting wealth and love in the conventional sense. I have bigger ideals…

on the joy of satan website, it said Aini is a demon that deals with “private matters” and I’m trying to look for a demon that could “counsel” me of sorts…

Those might be commonly reported experiences, but that doesn’t mean they are actually legitimate contact. Your mind can create all of those “symptoms” on its own, without a single spirit needing to be present, and the truth of the matter is, most beginners are lying to themselves about them because they so much want to make contact that they create it.

As you progress, you will eventually learn how to tell the difference.

Joy of Satan is a cult of delusional psychotics, but good luck with their demon. As I previously stated, we have a lot of information here to answer any questions you have on the evocation of spirits, so make copious use of the search function.

Yea, I did get sketchy vibes from them, as they have been exposed to be a neo nazi orginization, but I’m being for real. My hand moved on it’s own. And the paranormal feeling of a hand touching you.

Anyway, there is a legend that a musician named “Giuseppe Tartini” made a pact with the devil. He sucked as a violinist but when the devil taught him, he picked up a violin and was a violin like no other. To this day it is said it is hard to recreate his master piece “Devil’s trill sonata”

if I can do that. Make a deal with a devil and have my life set. I have no qualms.

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You do know that is not real, right? Such things are also said about various jazz musicians. It’s is common mythology, not fact.

He isn’t the only one to do it. Many people have been reported to do it. Keyword “reported” because we don’t know what happened without a 3rd person verification. Also, from my research, it is said that those who have “sold their soul to the devil” people see a “devil” sitting on their shoulder. idk. I just read.

No…just, no.

Don’t believe everything you read.

Anyway, good luck to you. No spirit is going to make your dreams come true.

Well, I wouldn’t be too quick to discount the musician stories. There are demons known to assist with improving musical abilities (they certainly have done so for me), and it would make sense for some of the most impactful and successful musicians throughout history to have been magick users.

Many of the stories could very well just be myths, but you must admit it is rather interesting that Miles Davis, who was at the fore of at least 4-5 different movements in Jazz history, was known as “The Sorcerer” and “Prince of Darkness.”

The demons are certainly able to help you build a glorious life, filled with ostentatious success, but you must be willing to help yourself. They will give power to your efforts, while affecting people and the world around you in ways that can only be described as “supernatural.” Combine this power with your own mundane actions, and you can get to where you want to be.

There is also no need for you to “sell your soul” or make any deals. To paraphrase/quote the grimoire Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose, the demons will help you because they want to share in your desire and express their powers in your life. When you get what you want, that is what the demons you work with want. Approach them with respect and the honesty of your desires, and they will reward you with change.

Okay, so there is a lot to take in, the first thing you need to know is that in order to do anything you need to get into something called TRANCE STATES. Now a trance state is just when your brain is at different frequencies, there are 3 states, the theta gamma sync (light trance state, its called TGS for short.) the rapture states (when you feel a literal strong physical sensation of falling and your body vibrating back and fowarth.) The rapture state takes time to develope and I’m just scarping the surface of it, but the theta gamma sync is really easy to engage, you can do it on your first try and each time you do it it gets deeper. To engage in the TGS and get practice with it, you should look up on youtube EA KOETTINGS THE BLUE RAY MEDITATION and do that meditation the exact way he says. Pick up a deck of tarot cards that call out to you and start learning them and practicing them, do the blue ray meditation every day. These skills are spirituals muscles and they don’t grow overnight, they take a long time to do. When you start practicing with rituals like SIGIL MAGICK you will notice you won’t get good results, or maybe they take too long to come into fruition, that’s okay, that skill will develope too. When you do the blue ray meditation whenever you get into the point where you can literally feel yourself slipping into a deeper state and you start to sort of tunnel vision, take a 5x5 or 6x6 piece of paper and use a permanent marker and make a sigil to the spirit AZAZEL, wait until the sigil FLASHES, which is where the lines appear and disapear, or the sigil appears to be floating above the paper, ask him to help you with the intent of getting into deeper states, and gaze into his sigil every day for just 5 or so minutes or whater feels the best, and you notice getting into this RAPTURE state will come easier and faster, also while gazing at the sigil give the mantra “ITZ REL, ITZ REL, AZAZEL.” That mantra will help alot. Then whenever you try to get into rapture states make sure your laying down, and make sure you got a good workout for the day, like maybe a 10 minute run or something, make sure you have an orgasm too before hand, Those steps will help you relax alot easier. Then buy the book SUMMONING SPIRITS by konstantinos and he will give you instructions on how to see and hear spirits. Make sure to learn as much of this as you can, this is a lifetime path, not a do it once and your done kind of thing. Your life changes from this point foward friend, welcome to the path. I’d seriously recommend researching energy work and buying the energy work course from here IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY, because they make third eye abilities come easier and go OFF THE CHARTS. If you have any question you can message me, I hope that wasn’t too much to overload you, but I’d like to think you will keep coming back to this post for help and it will set you on the right path.

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I bought the book. here goes…

Welcome :blush:

Welcome to balg and envocation isn’t simple but it’s how you do it and the time of day you do it I find it easier to do it after a bath when every one is sleeping already nice and quiet place that is clean and comfortable the bathroom is always a preference of mine but my music room is the new place
Also you gotta make sure the color of the candles are right if they aren’t they won’t come if the enn is wrong they won’t come

Be relaxed and empty minded focused only on the sigil some times it will move flash or shine

Mine just shine and move when open also meditation over the sigil helps and if you write a letter to them and light a candle with their sigil I know they get those now as well

Good luck on your envocation I hope this helps

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