It's happened

Welp, somehow I have survived my first year of occultism as I joined this server the same day I began taking a participatory role and learning. Little surprised considering a lot of the dumb mistakes I made along the way, but I guess that is how these things go when you’re on solo. I have made some progress, discovered things to be true when before they were speculation and doubt, and have created about a thousand new questions.

When I started, I wanted to learn to speak with dis-incarnate entities, invoke, astral project, and increase my understanding of all. I have successfully invoked at least twice, have projected at least 3 times (though involuntary/not controlled), increased my ability to sense my surroundings (mainly through feeling), and have had dreams that have shattered my preconceptions. Though it seems paltry compared to what I wanted to achieve, they are still steps forward and I can not wait for all the things I may learn and discover in this coming year.

Thank you to all whom have aided me in my pursuit of knowledge and to Lilith for her compassion, patience, and guidance.


Congratulations! :partying_face:

Sounds like you have a nice, solid foundation you worked hard to get. Upwards and onwards!


Congratulations on your achievements you made within your path you now walk. Yes, it’s alot of work but when it’s done you are fulfilled like you couldn’t even imagine. Good luck to you and all your future endeavors and I wish you well…


can you share what happened and how?

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As for the how, can’t tell you exactly except that I had been practicing trying to reach the state in order to project previously.
The experiences:

All 3 I felt my body vibrating a little before or during.

The first time I was looking around my room, but still in bed. Then I opened my eyes and was facing the other direction. (doesn’t seem like much, but was different and jarring)

The second, I sat up from sleep and was looking around again. The room was mine but the light in it had like a golden/yellowish hue to everything. I felt like something was pulling me back towards the bed. Lasted for about a minute. Again woke up on my side with my body vibrating.

The third was a little different. I sat up in bed, but instead of the yellow hue, everything was cast in darkness. I went to turn on the lamp over my bed and it wouldn’t click on. I got up and opened my bedroom door and began walking into the hall. As I stepped out my door I had to hold the banister wall next to me as I felt like a heaviness on my entire body. It also felt a little pleasurable (might be something else going on in this one as well). I stood there for a moment and was about to speak and I woke up on my side in bed again. The lamp easily clicked on to affirm this.

They probably aren’t full projections, but they seem like first steps towards them. What’s really weird is I used to do this easily as a child. I would leave my room and fly out to my friends or grandmothers house and never felt the heaviness or pulling or vibrating that I remember, but somewhere I lost the ability and it’s been like punching bricks to get back to it. Either way, I am hopeful and am going to continue trying. Each new experience and time is a chance to try and prolong it and try new things to see what works.

Are you capable of this or does it sound familiar? All I have done is set intentions to project before sleep sometimes, meditate a lot, work on sensing energy, and practiced some methods i’ve seen written (though the written method I have has you try to turn your body around above you and then sit up out of it and I can never seem to get the whole turning thing to happen for more then a split second before I feel it snap back kinda)