It was a success... intriguing how Sitri works

This post is serving as my public praise to both Prince Sitri and Exu Caveira (the Exu from the Yoruba tradition that works with me).

I have already made a public thanks post for Exu in here, but Prince Sitri also deserves his recognition.

Exu was working for me to bring this woman closer to me, as in, physically closer to me, since we were miles apart, but there was no binding involved.

The girl I was after in the post came to me, but I realized she was, I don’t know, I dare say scared though, and well, nothing was happening, and that’s when I decided to call upon Prince Sitri, I have heard of her (for whatever reason, most of the time I feel him as a she), was pretty good in making a person show themself naked, and well, I wanted it to be a booty call in the beginning, so I called Sitri, but with a twist.

I asked for help with the girl, but I also asked that she (Sitri) could help me both in not emanating a desperate vibe towards the girl (for I know this would repel her, and any other woman for that matter) and that the prince could give me a small push so that I could know when and how to act.

Long story short, I took a shower, and Sitri literally guided my hand through my body as if making a banishing ritual to ban all the feelings I shouldn’t harbor within the vessel of my body, and well, later that night, I was with the girl, all alone, when Sitri said “Go play the piano”, I played some La La Land and Disney tunes, which led me and the girl into a more intimate moment, three days later the girl said my playing was what compelled her to go to bed with me, and well, Sitri did deliver, I didn’t do any formal summoning rite to call her forth, but I did pay her with seven lilac candles, this post however was not part of our deal, I just felt like sharing this success story as well.

Later, I’ll be posting my success with working both with Marbas and Archangel Raphael, although I can see there’s a thread about these two entities going on already


Thats awesome. As is Prince Sitri. :blush: