It,s it normal to feel ill after meditation?

After a very long time did i meditation it was very difficult and when i was in the trance state it was for a few minuut and when i was out the trance state i couldnt breath normal for a few seconds and feelt sick.
It,s this normal?
(The meditation music i listen was satanic meditation)

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i get that way too. headache, nausea or dizziness. Usually after drinking some cold water I feel better.

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How’s your diet? Asking because I have noticed when I was mediating and filling my body with junk, I would feel that way often, leading to my theory that meditation leads to awareness of one’s own body


Yes it definitely does,I’ve experienced that as well. Let me explain a bit. I’m a kindergarden teacher, I have a group of 14 children. We don’t have enough workers, so when I get sick, it is a big problem. but when 14 children sneeze and cough all day, get diarreah or whatever, it’s sometimes hard not to get sick too.

So when I noticed I get a cold, I just ignored it and kept on working, hoping that it would go away. Most of the time it did, or it worked for a while but then I got really sick. Ive noticed that during those times, when I meditate the symptoms get worse, or they come back even when I thought they were gone completely.

So, my body suppressed the sickness, but the meditation made me notice that it wasn’t gone yet.
That helped me to realize that I need to actively do something for my health, instead of just ignoring the problems.


I don’t eat for a bit before I meditate and this is one of the reasons. I find I am hyper sensitive to what’s going on in my body after.

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Thanks for this useful information.i am happy to know that i am not the only one.

I don’t eat for a bit before I meditate and this is one of the reasons. I find I am hyper sensitive to what’s going on in my body after. - This is what you wrote.

Here is what I do when I’m getting ready to meditate (now mind you, I practice White Magick, so you may need to adjust this:) )

Drink plenty of water before you go into meditation. Your body needs to function properly.

I suggest eating the root plants to help keep yourself grounded and the body nourishing itself during meditation.

Make sure you’ve exercised for a sharp mind before meditation.

Also - if you’re going into meditation without being grounded, you will get sick.

After you’re done, write things down. Come back to it a day later for greater understanding.

And no, my love, I did not speak in riddles in my post. I only speak in riddles when I need to speak to the Dragon Current.

i followed the advise and grounded myself and meditate on the enn chan of Belial.i smelled smoke like there was a fire.i saw a schadow appear before me the shadow was very tall at least 7 feet tall.
it,s it possible that it was belial early that morning i saw a shadow for a few seconds it was a purple color was it him?