It is time to rise

Our time of prominence is near my friends. Soceity ,the flawed hypocritical system, is on the verge of colapse and we will rise from its ashes as the human race becomes tribal once more. This corona viris is just simply the catalyst from the fall that has been long coming. But when society falls people will slowly become less indocrinated and eventually turn back to the old ways and our older gods not the tyranical Jehovah. So prepare my friends our time to rise is near so strengthen your bonds with your gods and spirits and be ready to rise


I’m curious what your rising too?

Anyone waiting for a human catastrophe so they can rise to power has no true power. You would rise regardless.

While humans are selfish for the most part, it’s a learned behaviour and not true nature. I think you’ll find in times of extreme crisis, especially one of a global magnitude you will be surprised at how they put aside differences to work together.

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I am a bit concerned this will end up with politcs, so with regret @ardinos I am going to close this, lest people inadvertantly cross that line. This is an admin ruling, sorry: