Is working with a demon bad?


Boy, reading this topic and comparing then vs now sure seems odd lol


What’s so wrong with being consumed, doused, absorbing their vibrations and essence inside of you? I guess if you feel trapped then fear? Worship at times I look at a flip side of veneration/fear? Some fear the torments for not proper offerings, asking too much, not sticking to a dogmatic relationship etc.

I don’t worship either because it sounds like the old “god in a box” syndrome. If I were to go by dream visions alone immersion of their energies and vibrations is a wild ride.

I need to work more on Clair-abilities and astral travel. There’s grounding, cleansing, warding, protection as well but mostly to keep out the riff-raff while focusing on the goal.

The only pacts I’m willing to make are full complete immersion absorption into the currents of each being. If rejected… well there’s always the void or my enmity of being created in the first place by OMNITRON being. (Assuming that hold any water).

Current intriguing plans of thoughts:

  1. The sexual magical path and exploration(though I think it’s highly likely I’m being tempted by more than my primal desires since my initial pacts with Lucifer, Lilith, Samael, Asmodeus, Sallos, Sitri, Vual, and Zepar … later Astaroth, Buer were sexual in nature)

  2. The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers and opening this gateway EAK mentions.

  3. Witches Sabbath travel via astral (every hallows eve I think on this but 2020 is a full blue moon so I need to be able to do so by then)

  4. Physically getting stronger and healthier since it’s my way of transport and daily living to help my parents.

Let me tell you about fallouts with family via cursing. It’s terrible. I had one earlier and utterly destroyed my parents ability to get groceries or go anywhere. There was some mundane phone calls but it goes deeper than that. The Christian driver turns out to NOT be forgiving of my parents and is a huge gossip and judge mental person. Ironically she’s spreading news my parents are satanists. My dad was one in his youth but now he’s more of an animist. My mum has always been tribal but has been touched a little by Christ(not the church so she says).

Anyway NO driver for 8 weeks now. I made amends with the crazy blame of me murdering bees (it was in fact skunk and woodpecker eating them. I sort of called upon earth for a solution there as my ma is deathly allergic to bees and my dads crazy befriending was getting over the top crazy. He was feeding them, bringing them in the house letting the wasps, hornets and such sting him etc… and he was erratic).

When I had my short 1 month exile I cursed them horribly. About just before I started to post here. Well, they aren’t well. My dads pot plants are dying as well (and he takes extremely good care of them). Lots of other bad synchronicities as well. Well, tom make it short I’m taking the blame for the curse and dealing with it. It’s about run it’s course. And I’m taking the brunt of it back myself.

So, it’s led me back to working with demons in a constructive way. I just have to keep the feminine spirit in check. I never really asked a name when working with Lilith but this essence is horny and really affects my ideas. Always morphing workings to be Sexual with them. Without senses I can only guess on say Buer’s thoughts this last week.

So bad? not in my opinion.


The one person you’ll likely upset with it is yourself.
Becouse there’s a transformation, where your own beliefs change,

And for a frame (concept of viewing the world), as you describe here,
it’s likely that you first run back and forth trying not to upset god, and keep the demons in check,
and later, when you’ve progressed and had success which praying to god simply couldn’t give to you,
you’re running back and forth trying to curse god and in order to undo some bad treatment you’ve given to the demons before.

It’s kind of a common issue and many magicians expierience those stages, during their awakening.

The fact of the matter is, however, that those are results of a point of view, not the actual general way things work.

Demons are quite open to work with most individuals, they often do dislike being threatened again and again or treated like poor little servants who can’t do shit on their own and have to obey and follow command.

That’s actually the thing that might get you some butt kicks, but usually in levels that you still can handle.

And, take the time to look into which Demon haves which attributes,
before calling out to them.

It’s not wise to ask your butcher for a pack of flowers, and vice versa.
It’s not clever to order a train ticked, when you want to cross an Ocean. :wink:

  • at least for the Goetia ones, which are most worked with by standard magick. -




Ok, thanks for the replies, but as I’ve stated above, a lot has happened since then. I have left aside fear and other conceptions and am now happily trying to work with demons. So the original title is not of actuality anymore. I don’t blame myself and have to ill thoughts regarding demons anymore


Great, that means you’re on a good track.

Then just see it as a reference.

I’m glad you successfully worked around those obstacles.




I personally don’t work with demons just cause I’m not ready for the commitment some demons may request from me.


I’m guessing angels are the same in this regard


I think there is no such thing as “bad” or “good” entities. The difference is how you approach them, and what your intentions are. Period.


To learn, is to do it. I was afraid too. Same upbringing and I started researching here the one I feared most. And I think the opposite now. The feelings Is great.

Just respect the Daemon and commit.


If you wanna learn no matter what then you won’t mind working with “demons”.
If you wanna peptalk yourself to death that “demons will eat your soul” then stick with 4 ArchAngels and you’ll be blessed with AA knowledge :pray:
“Demons” have wings like angels but their marketing is bad AF :grin:


Do not listen to the ignorance concerning Angels and Demons. Learn to call upon the Infernal Angels. Its about knowing how to working with the Balance and Inbalance of Forces. I cannot tell you how as this is something you must directly learn from them if you want to know the real way without the crap branding that come from institutions.


But it does. This kind of emotional baggage or obsession does effect the Daemons you try to work with. It can hinder the teachings they try to give as well.

I won’t but some Spirits would because it hinders Ascent. And no i’m not saying doing baneful shit is bad or being hateful is bad. What i’m saying is you’re not using your hate constructively, or so it appears. Sometimes getting a person out of your life can be constructive but i just don’t see this here. You’re letting emotions control your actions and refusing to see the truth.

This would be a very strong indication as to why you’re not having luck with Lucifer, he is the “Light bringer” and will force you to see the truth if you work with him. From what I’ve read you can’t decide not to see the truth and work with him successfully.


You are kinda right. That’s why I decided to take a break and only meditate and listen to enns. And about the obsession part, isn’t this along with passion supposed to be fuel for your drive, your magick?


I’ll just answer to your title: No, it’s as good as you want it to be.
I mean, if you work with them to curse people, I can’t call you Lawfull Good, but they’re not bad spirits, nor evil.
Things aren’t like in the movies, please check the forum and you’ll see that spirits are very empathetic!


Being driven and being obsessed are two different things. Driven is more of striving for something that will improve you and obsession is clinging to something that doesn’t help you at all.

Aside from your emotions that you hold on too, there isn’t anything that would benefit you from constantly thinking about this other person. You’re thinking about them to the point of ignoring your own basic needs and not hearing other spirits. That’s not constructive to you nor is it a passion that will fuel Magick that will improve your life.
It will fuel your Magick for this true, but not your life.


Theoretically yes. And no.


I just randomly saw this. The other day my friends kid told me he saw “Satan” In his closet. Tall, horns, fangs, wings , claws, red eyes. He told me that this thing said to wake me up (we were taking a day nap) kid was upset and told me look in the closet. I was like dude what? He said you can’t see the devil ? I said no. Then the kid said “he says he knows you can’t cause adults can’t see him only I can”. Then I swear I saw two red eyes… lol. I don’t think it was Satan himself but maybe a ghost messing around. Cause that room is haunted. I’ve got evps and ouija board sessions with the same name and stuff. I just think it’s strange how the kid described the thing to me


You never had imaginary friends as a kid? Those were the days of our glory :smiley:
If it is your house and you perform evocations in it then you know it is Satan for sure.