Is working with a demon bad?

Ok, uber newbie here, also raised in Christian religion. However, I’m very curious in nature and seek knowledge, and I know I still have a lot to read, but I want some personal insight from people with actual experience so my questions are:

  1. Are demons bad or evil in any way and ultimately seek to harm you?
  2. If you work with a demon, does that mean you’re bound to it for life in that you will have to worship or bring offerings to it your whole life? Or is it something like I summon you for this purpose, I pay you what I owe and that’s it, we each go about our business. (please don’t take this as a sign of disrespect)
  3. What about consequences on your soul or the afterlife?
  4. If I still pray to God and ask for forgiveness or go to church, is it contradictory or am I upsetting someone?

Depends how you see “demons”.
Horns,trident,tail :joy::joy::joy: that’s typical from anyone with a Christian background.
If learning from “demons” is bad then we are all guilty here.
Let go such way of thinking because it will get you in trouble in case a spirit says HI after your evocation.

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  1. No, not the higher ranking ones people actually work with anyway.

  2. Only if you make a pact specifying such a thing

  3. No consequences, punishment in afterlife is just a method used to control and keep the sheep in line.

  4. Why should you need forgiveness for seeking to advance your spiritual self? I would advise not working with demons until you can free yourself of the Christian mindset. Evaluate what you really want and go from there.


I thirst for knowledge, but I hope you can understand me and my feelings as I am at the beginning of this journey. On number 2, how exactly do I proceed with tasking the demon with something, offer payment when results come and then part ways?

Use the forum search function. It’s the little magnifying glass in the upper right. Just type in “offerings” and a good many threads will pop up as this question has been asked a lot.

Some people make offerings up front, and some people only do so as payment for results. Still others, like myself, don’t make offerings at all, except as a gesture of respect and friendship.


Ok, I should have been more specific. The question is if I can part ways with it after the task is done and how do I do that if it is possible? Are there any consequences for this? I want to be respectful to the entity and not upset it or something…

Yes. You can call a spirit up for a task and go your separate ways. I do it all the time.


How do I do this during the ritual? Is there something special I have to say or do?

I understand, I’m relatively new too to the actual practice. You can offer before or after, or even offer an upfront gift then a second gift upon completion. The most important thing is to follow through with your end of the deal.

As for me personally I give nearly daily offerings but I’m only currently focused on Lilith and trying to build a bond and relationship. If it’s only one specific task then its perfectly fine to just offer a gift in exchange for a favor.

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Do I specifically say a time period or something like until the task is done or how?

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I’d say working with demon is easier when starting out from experience because they have low vibration

No, there is nothing special you have to say. Speak your own words.

Like I said, avail yourself of the search function. All the information to answer these questions is right there at your fingertips, but you really need to do the research for yourself instead of just asking the same questions we have answered so many times before.

Decide what you’re going to give, and then once you have evoked the demon, say something like, “Belial, I offer you some of the finest run available to me in exchange for you getting me off from these murder charges.” If he’s agreeable, dismiss him so he can go about the task. I usually say something like, “Go now, and bring my Will to pass, with my thanks.”

Once Belial has completed the task, and you are no longer threatened with prison, you pour a glass of rum, and say something like, “Thank you, mighty Belial, for your work on my behalf. I offer you this rum, as agreed, in appreciation and gratitude. Please enjoy it at your leisure.” Then you put it on your altar and leave it for a minimum of 24 hrs, before disposing of it by pouring it out upon the Earth, giving another small prayer of thanks as you do so.

Yes, setting a time frame is helpful in knowing whether your result is successful or not. A month is usually a decent amount of time, but it depends on the task.


Thank you very much

Firstly, I work with Goetic demons. I have never come across one that felt evil in any way. The whole concept of good vs evil is dualistic - and non-physical beings do not necessarily view it like many humans do. I’ve worked with demons who were loving and caring, very compassionate.

But my best piece of advice to you is this: do not approach them when you feel fear and doubt about their nature. You attract what you vibrate. Fear is one of the lowest vibrations in existence. Clear yourself of fears and doubts related to demons and their natures first. Do that inner work first. I don’t mean just soothing it, I mean, rid yourself of these fears. In the meantime, why not try working with angels? Demons, angels, etc are best approached with an attitude of being open minded and respectful. The respect is important. It doesn’t mean you need to grovel. Think of how you would approach a friend who you have deep respect for. Be open and friendly. :slight_smile:

Secondly, as you’re a beginner, I recommend looking up Damon Brand and Gordon Winterfield. Their rituals are very beginner-friendly, yet effective as long as you get out of your own way, and their books are very affordable. Gordon has a book out for working with the Goetic demons. I highly recommend it.


If you can’t let go of that mindset, it doesn’t really seem like you’re ready for this. People who do/say that (imo) end up being the ones that run to the safety of god and the church, abandoning this path as soon as things start to get too real for them.


I don’t understand why you want to work with demons. With your current mindset, if you have a problem, there are many angels you could approach. Like I recommended, lookup Damon Brand.


Let me first say how much ai appreciate this community, always willing to help. Now, going back to the subject. I got exactly those 2 books. I performed the first angel ritual today, being Thursday in my part of the world. The ideea is that despite me coming from a Christian background, i seek knowledge. I used to meditate a lot, I’m good with imagination and visualisation, I even managed to have an obe and can often control my dreams. Please understand my point of view though regarding my background. I’m not over religious but I don’t want to affect others around me, like my family or something, by means of consequences. Please tell me more and then I will decide for myself. Will it have any effect on my soul in the afterlife or karma? I mean I don’t want my family or future family to suffer. I’m just passionate about knowledge

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Then stick with spirits from Franz Bardon’s book Practice of magical evocation and you don’t have to fear for you or your family :+1:

This means that working with demons/angels from Gordon Winterfield/Damon Brand’s books will have this effect? I also have the Franz Bardon book as well

I didn’t say that,pal.

I know that F B came from a Christian background and if my memory still serves me correct his father was…not Darth Vader :grin: but a priest…