Is Tom Brady's wife Giselle a white witch

He is probably telling the truth. Does anyone know of any other celebrity athlete who does magick for success? Lady Eva, I hope this post is ok. If not, just delete it.

Tom Brady says ‘good witch’ wife Gisele helps him win titles with altars, rituals - TheBlaze

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Well, while I normally do not participate in these kind of discussions, let’s break down what Tom Brady actually said about his wife. First, we have to acknowledge that when this was said, there was quite a bit of joking around being done and lighthearted speech, so we have to acknowledge the possiblity he was joking. Despite being known for being extremely competitive and goal focused, he is known among his team for his sense of humor. (There is a youtube channel called “Tommy and Gronky” where this side comes out more). So it is completely possible he is just pulling everyone’s leg.

But let’s look at the rituals that were mentioned, beginning with an altar being built for him with pictures of his kids. This sounds quite a bit like a vision board that you may hear about in LOA groups that are often made fun of by those not in the groups. It also could be something completely secular based, as many families have mantles with family pictures that can ne motivating.

He then mentions healing/protection stones and the mention of specific necklace to wear. This is something popular to those outside of the occult to poke fun at the New Age groups. It is completely possible it is the case, but so far seems as more evidence of being a joke as the two examples are stereotypical of the new age moment.

Next we have the mentioning of mantras. While they are sacred with Hinduism and Buddhism, the new age movement has taken them for their own uses and is often mentioned as a stereotype.

The final mention is of his wife claiming to be a “good witch”, which i took initially as a Wizard of Oz reference if i am completely honest.

All of this would tell me he was just joking…until I found a 2015 interview where he stated that him and his family are open to multiple faiths. He also was reported to have a small statue of Ganesh in his locker. So, it is completely possible that him and his family have looked into things such as LOA, the New Age Movement and even Wicca. He could have been poking fun at himself, as he seems confident in himself enough to.

So, my ultimate call is that I don’t know. I am not a member of his family, so I have no way of knowing. It is a matter behind closed doors and all we have are the things he said, which can be a joke for all we know.

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I know awitch that might have had something to do with it though :joy:.

In all honesty this was a joke. The Buccaneers were expected to bring it last night and they didn’t fail Tampa Bay. So if there was any Magick it was that of the stamps Bay Area wanting our team to win at our stadium.


still believing the nfl isn’t sports entertainment

The streaker sure was. One of my friends was at the game and she got it all :see_no_evil:

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As soon as I heard that Tom Brady went to the Bucs I knew they were going to win the super bowl. I don’t even watch football and I knew this.


Yea the glaziers have been chasing a 2nd ring since we got the first one waaaaay back when.

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Tom Brady speaking about his wife using magic to help him win games and predicting if he’ll win a certain year or not.

Sounds like magic everyone else does but I believe the reason why they are so successful is because that actually listen to… Whatever tells them that.

I lived in Ybor City way back in the day the last time the Superbowl was played in Tampa. I have never seen the place so crowded. I couldn’t even park in from of my house that was like 1/2 mile from 7th Ave. It was nuts.

No, she is not a witch.

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