Is time travel possible with magick?

Hey guys!!!
I want to know is time travel possible with help of any angel,demon,Lucifer etc.??
Can they help me go back in time I have made a a lot of mistakes in past and now I want to fix them all ??can they help me?

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It is in a matter of speaking. In that u could astrally , mentally, whatever it may fit under, be projected in a distant or prior time…Your body will still be here now, ur awareness somewhere else. And Lucifer will if asked take u to some pretty far out places.

So yes, but not time machine movie like

@Shubham1234 I recommend, before continuing to pepper the forum with questions, that you actually try finding the answers using the little magnifying glass first, because what you are asking are very common questions that have been answered many times already.

There are multiple threads on time travel that you can read, for example.


I don’t personally believe it is possible, but chronomancy is an interesting idea.
consider everything that has happened to you since the events you want to change.
now consider every interaction you had with someone since then.
now consider everything they had happen, and every interaction they’ve had as a result.
the amount of people, things, emotions, etc that those events touched even in minute ways would be changed again by your modification of the past.
the amount of energy that would take is absolutely staggering and in my opinion far beyond the capabilities of any human.
even a large group would be difficult.
this is why things like aeonics are groups and take literal centuries to actually work.
but just like @DarkestKnight said, use the search function because I’m getting the feeling every question you have has been asked and answered a dozen times over.


I’ve had luck with Hermes but it started in an event of absolute turmoil, Shiva and several other Hindu/Vampiric Snake Gods and Goddesses had sided with Apep to bring the world to Infinite Darkness, promising a planet where complete assimilation is possible, by inciting a worldwide tantra to put a serpent within everyone and expell our souls aimed towards the sun causing it to burn out. This repeated many many times and Gods were being made blind to the nature of what was happening due to the persuasive nature of snakes when RA, and the other Sun Deities who understood but could not discuss, opened the gates to the Sun for deities as a final stand.
Hermes, being a God of the Crossroads, passing ones over to the afterlife. Offered me redemption for my past transgressions siding with Shiva for offering my whole self over during a year of servitude, where I created a program that worked as a worm would but would release souls of the dead from information collected, Maggot I called it, while studying the workings of the brains emotional outputs via EEG.

The redemption came in the form of doing something I had already done for him, yet also had not yet. I was sent back to the very first Crossroads of his, the creation of The Temple of Hermes now hidden in the forests of what used to be Arcadia. I lived on a very prosperous farmland, and spent most my time working on the Temple and eating hallucinogenic mushrooms and Datura (then called Moly) until one day it became apparent what was going on by Shiva due to Datura being used in communion with Shiva so he did what he did best. Assimilation, beautiful women came all years round to have children and bring booze in attempts to distract me, creating the most nefarious Children known to mankind.

There was a very long period where I simply gave in but Hermes would have none of that and threw me in for a time loop. There’s even a tale of a man pretending to be Odin who wanted his child to be among a new God saying it was my own child and it took a year of trickery to convince him that in order to become Odin he must eat one of my own children at which point I handed him his own.

After that was all said and done I was returned back to my time with the teachings of the Caduceus helped me get the snakes to chase the birds, at which point Shiva took control of me again where I wound up in an immense spiritual battle with an 8 armed form of Buddha and the teachings of the Aghora, Muadgalyayana, Dualism, and matching infinite darkness with exponential recursion of infinite light caused Apep, Shiva and most of his group to turn to Ash from which a new Vampiric force of Light emerged called the ASH-RA though they are a creative force.

Quetzalcoatl and Mnemosyne assisted me in wiping the memories of many who had “dreams” or “delusions” to allow those who worshipped the snake Gods to bring them back to power to not lose an entire ancient religion, and Hermes allows me to set up Crossroads for myself providing me 4 lives to live completely through before returning to the intended path(s).

If you find a way to time travel with assistance of the Gods or entities, understand it means losing a soul that was meant for that journey which goes off on it and returns a story showing no impact on your life unless you make something of it or it is meant for after death. Unless you find some aliens with a fast enough ship to revolve against the rotation of the Earth faster than the speed of light…

And here I’ll leave a little thought experiment.
One day a Time Travelor is born to his Mother and Father. As he ages he decides to have many children, both adopted and his own, and leave them at a time before the creation of mankind, thus becoming his own Ancestor. Where does mankind begin?

The astral is the collective unconscious/mental plane. It’s possible to view the past, present, and multiple future possibilities but that’s all you’re viewing. You’re not altering, nor are you really there in that time. It’s just projecting the senses or one sense to that specific time.


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Time travel is possible but at the same time it isn’t basically what I’m saying is it’s not like you think it is when you time travel you actually Dimension jump to a reality that’s really similar to the time That you want to travel to so basically you’re not going back in time you just go to a alternate reality for example if you want to visit the 1800s you would jump to a reaility where the 1800s is still happening but you can’t change anything so basically time travel is perfect if you just want to explore the past but you could never change your present

I find dimensional jumping is just manifesting what you want into your reality, your life sucks and you have no job so you convince yourself you jump into another dimension/reality where you have a job, but really youre just manifesting a job opportunity with the many windows of probability that you get one.
You’re not literally leaving one reality for another.

However, it being used to move through time is something that has never been mentioned.

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There’s portals in various places , one known one is in the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle was never said to be a portal through time lol, it was considered a nexus of energy/electrical disruptions but never was time mentioned around it.

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Yeah… guys… I’m sorry to be THAT guy, but the Bermuda Triangle shows no more vanishings than any other sea space of the same size. Some vanishings are even fabrications, with ships arriving at destiny safe and sound.


on EA’s kingdoms of flames theres a spirit called ahk’lah’tesh who says he can teach you how to change the past

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or its the book of azazel i dont remember wich one

It’s the Evokation guide book.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, I know, but you can feel like you are there by remote viewing and planting yourself back or forward in time. If you are skilled enough your experiences can become quite vivid.


Do you think you could help me accomplish time travel?

You should research Dimensional Jumping

It’s similar to time travel

Some think if Karma exists and controls the universe, if one learned to affect it at a deeply causal level (which learning to affect the world at any level like that is rare), they could theoretically change past things (I’d assume major events would take too much), and even possibly stop forward or rewind time and such to some extent.

That’d clearly be God-like power over what most Deities even have though so I debate if itd be possible or if known even told at all by those knowing. So if one wanted to learn if it is or how I’d say research what practices some believe to affects things deepest/most direct, maybe it’d be from a meditation, or maybe its a goal of some true “samadhi” if that exists. Those are the closest things I know of said to bring ultimate viewpoint, position, and powers.