Is this the theta-gamma state?

Hi. I have only started working with sigil magic with regards to the course. When I gaze at a sigil, it starts to flash and lines disappear and reappear etc. After a while, I get these swathes of ‘static’ (more intensely coloured than the stuff you see all the time) that wash over my vision in waves. Is this the static rain, and am I in theta-gamma. Many thanks!

what you are seeing is exactly what i see. they are greenish in color. and they come in waves and most of the time the waves take over my entire field of vision. the waves wash over my vision, then dissipate then come back a second later wash over then dissipate and it does this again and again until i stop the trance…LOL…the longest i have maintained it is like 30 minutes while scrying in a sigil. ur like the first person who describes it like it happens to me. to me that is the theta.

I guess so, that’s what I see when enter trance, yet I’m used to call it alpha as told in books. Is it the same isn’t it guys? Trance = theta gamma

Generally I’ll get two responses with sigil magick.

  1. The lines will start to flash and my peripheral vision will start to warp making the room look like its trying to rotate.

  2. The lines won’t flash but the sigil looks like it rises off the paper a couple of inches and floats around, my vision will usually close in like really tight tunnel vision during this.

In both states my head feels stuffed with cotton for lack of a better term and my hearing seems to fade out. I know its a trance but unsure if that’s TGS. I only get stati rain after deep relaxation and doing the ceiling/wall trick then mine is a gray haze more than static, kind of like when scrying.

Amy: Exactly. Greenish static that sometimes envelops vision entirely, and wipes a sigil clean off the paper for a second or two. I think with time and practice this really heavy static could be extended (maybe this is the rapture state?). When experiencing this state generally I notice how my arms on the table also seem to evaporate from view, and like to think about the illusion of the physical world and how we are all really just particles of conscious light, whizzing around in the ether :slight_smile:

TWF: With me, sometimes the sigil does appear to float, but only about a millimetre off the page. Definitely get the tunnel vision, also sometimes flickering or pulsing of peripheral vision. In my head and body, a kind of buzzing sensation, like energy. Felt this a great deal with Satagraal last night (including hot and cold flushes).

yep you’re doing it right!

I can make the lines of the sigil flash and disappear though I have difficulty seeing the static rain gazing between the wall and ceiling, though sometimes I can see wisps of movement and what looks like little bugs of light zip past my peripheral vision, which may be sprites. The Theta-Gamma exercise in Questing after Visions seems to work for me better than the wall/ceiling one in the course.

Have you been noticing any “internal” feelings as well? I’ve yet to push through to rapture myself, but I have noticed that sometimes I get vertigo and my body goes slightly numb.

Regardless, the flashing is definitely a good sign!

In regards to seeing colours (I usually see either waves of violet or green), I believe Robert Monroe mentioned that they’re just neural discharges. I’m not quite sure what brainwave frequencies are required to perceive them though.

Erm I dont know if Im the only one feeling this, but this state of consciousness feels kinda “orgasmic” I mean when you go deep in it, agree?

I tried to follow E.A.'s advice when gazing at that spot: imagine that there’s a piece of glass or a window at a short distance of the wall and ceiling and imagine to gaze through that glass.

It’s an excellent trick and serves me well.

Don’t forget to take tissues in your circle lol.

Just kidding :wink:
But no, I can’t say it feels that way to me. I rather experience this state as being real high with a touch of a psychedelic feel to it. Does that make sense?

There’s no such thing as just a neural discharge. And stop conflating the content of the mind with the physical brain.

Always the tissues are there Bran lol. I mean its not sexual yet feels like a full body orgasm, you become like energy as someone stated.

I said orgasm cus is the description some people give of the meditative experience and I agree. Also agree with your description (flashes being high and relax) even I’ve not tried weed, I get the point

I’ve gotten to this too, the flashing sigil and white static (well for me it’s white but I guess it’s color is a person to person thing). And after reading some posts on here I know where to go (internal feeling and things like that), though there is one problem for me: is it supposed to feel as though I’m fully conscious and can remember the working completely? I know I have a good memory when I pay attention like this and all but…any help with this? Anything would be good.

I tried to follow E.A.'s advice when gazing at that spot: imagine that there’s a piece of glass or a window at a short distance of the wall and ceiling and imagine to gaze through that glass.

It’s an excellent trick and serves me well.[/quote]

Omg, you explain better E.A Koetting, I understood properly what he said, but when I treid just now what you said, I started seeing static immediately, incredible and mind blowing wow, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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