Is this the reason i am not getting results

Hello everyone. i wanted to ask a question. I have tried evoking many entities but I have never been able to. Have I angered any of them in past lives. has my higher-self angered them before. I would really like to know. If that is the case that I have angered them in past lives or in my spirit body how can I fix it.

Thank you to everyone who reads/replies.

You probably are succeeding and just not able to sense them. Also your doubt could be preventing things. I’d just trust that it worked and still proceed with your evocations.


Have you actually spent any time developing your senses to see and hear the spirits you’ve tried to evoke?

It doesn’t just happen automatically like in Hollywood movies. When you call a spirit, they do hear you, and they do show up but if you haven’t done any work to develop your senses, then you will not know it. You have to actually put in the effort to open your perceptions before you will see or hear a spirit.


i have tried with no success. I have tried meditation and other methods of raising my senses.

I have tried to raise my spiritual senses with no success. Do you have any methods that worked for you?

How long have you “tried?”

It’s not an instant thing. You don’t just do an exercise for a certain amount of time and it happens. It’s a constant thing, like going to the gym. If you want to be strong and healthy, you have to work out daily for years. If you stop, then you lose anything you have gained.

The experienced practitioners on this forum still do their basics almost daily.

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When I learnt keyboards - many moons ago - to begin with I couldn’t play anything. With practice you’ll improve. My experience is, that when called spiritual entities of the lhp they always show up because that’s their nature. Whether you can experience their presence is another question. I’d learn and perfect a banishing ritual of your choice. If you pm me and provide your email I’ll forward to you the one I use. I can’t post it here but I can email it as an attachment. A lot of newbies eventually succeed in calling in entities, but not all of the entities who respond are the ones you’re looking for. That’s just how it is. However, with a banishing ritual under your belt you can get rid of the many spirits who are simple pains to have around. Moreover, banishing rituals act like a beacon and thereby let entities know that you’re around.



Ok. Can you please tell me a good method. I am not able to meditate for a very long time. So if there is any good alternative please tell me.

How do I pm?
Sorry I am new.

Dude, use the search function. It’s the magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen. There is a massive amount of information here but we’re not going to spoon feed it to you. You need to make the effort yourself.

You cannot PM. The ability is restricted for new members by the system until they have reached a certain level of activity on the forum.


Start here for some useful links:

Ok thanks. I will use this along with the search.

Summoning a demon is no small feat. There are varying levels to which you have to go by to engage to actually summin a demon. Your first step should be deciding specifically which demon youd like to work with. Different demons specialize in different areas. Its important you have a specific purpose with your ritual.

Not all demons are helpful or will respond. When you call upon a spirit they choose you. Before you evoke think carefulky on the Deity and the task or request you have in mind.

If the Deity will accede to you and your goals many times they will give a sign. Also it may be weeks or months will pass before your requests will be acceded to and acknowledged.

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Check out my post about evoking Lucifer, am I doing something wrong?
When I posted it I thought it hadn’t been a successful evocation but when I look back on it I realize it was.
Maybe pick one entity you want to connect with,find out everything you possibly can about them, in my post you’ll see I found out what music Lucifer likes, what scents and crystals he’s associated with. What his enn is. I memorized his sigil so I could draw it. I lit incense in the scent he’s associated with. I lit the colour candle he likes. Ect ect ect. Find one dude you really wanna connect with and channel your energy into getting to know him/her. I feel like the learning process is so important and that energy you spend learning about them counts towards calling them to you.
One of the other posters said Belial is good to call if you want to see that shit is real, hes a badass.
Also do some protective and banishing rituals before you start to protect yourself from parasitic entities. You can take a salt bath and visualize removing negative, doubtful and opposing energy from yourself it could help you connect better. I did these things. Maybe try with Lucifer, I’ve heard he’s good for newbies because he always shows up.
I spoke to one of my friends and he says that you should open your chakras and third eye to make yourself more aware of the energies around you.
Personally I’m going to learn my tarot cards and pendulum so that we have a medium of communication, he could be there but because you’re evoking rather than invoking you might not be able to hear him, thus having a medium might make it easier to chat. I also found writing things out got his attention and he helped me answer those questions as I typed them😂
Good luck!