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I did a evocation of druj nasu litany of the black sun and all. I swear I kept seeing flies. In the corner of my eye. And I asked what should I do in for evocation in my mind a voice said one a day or week. Other times do alll other pathwalking. And my land spirit is not happy at all.


Update land spirit said once a week clense me afterwords

Sounds like your land spirits energy is incompatible, and you could be hurting it with this litany.
It’s willing to try and work with you on this, but you may have to choose between them.


It did say inside or outside also I swear some weeds were not here eirler

Dunno, what is your agreement with this particular fae?

You mean land wight nothing really he just stated that

Ok, so do as he asked and presumably all will go well.
If not, he may just leave, but be aware the old stories of the fae do warn that pissing them off can bring really bad luck.

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