Is this a good or a bad sign?


So today I had a bit of a strange experience. I performed a petition spell asking a particular angel for help. I had to do it at night outside, because I don’t live alone. I live out of town so everything was quiet outdoors, but when petition got engulfed by the flames some birds started screeching in the distance (they immediately fell silent again once the petition burned). Also the petition burned really fast (unnaturally so for a mere piece of paper). Can I interpret it as a sign of my petition being accepted?

Thank you for your suggestions

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Something becomes a sign when you feel the energy of it telling you it’s not just random. If you’re asking, it’s probably because you ashtray know it’s a sign. Trust yourself. :slight_smile:


Sounds like it got accepted. Usually you get sign from the spirit you are working with during a ritual.

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