Is there other beginner stuff on here

Are there other stuff like this Come bathe yourself in vampyric lust and take your power! 🌕 (I don’t even know the term for it an spell an invocation etc) yes I have done this spell because these are the things I like to start with

Without needing to do offerings, candles or seals

I make this post instead of searching a specific spell because when I for example type muscle growth spell I find posts where people throw some demon names around I know those demons can help experienced people with their things but as a beginner I don’t know what to do with that name like for example Belial yes I know the name of a demon what now

No hate no bad feelings thoughts no one it’s great you’re experienced in this stuff but I like to learn too sorry for my rant about this I needed to vent my feeling’s

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Hey, maybe this thread will be of assistance here :slight_smile:

Its a compendium of especially beginner friendly or tool free rituals and exercises from different members of this community

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Is a pretty extensive post with a lot of good information that, imho, could even be an online course. Some excersizes need items, some don’t. If you scroll through them you will find something that you’ll find useful

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