Is there hoe spirits you can use!?

Is there spirits or entitys you use once like condoms and hoes lol. Like ask for something and it’s done. No connection or pacts. I don’t like the connection to spirits. It Drives me nuts sometimes and it’s annoying. No strings attached basically in a favour sense.




I’m sorry but that really isn’t how it works. That’s really just more insulting to the spirit. They’re not tools and really there isn’t any “using” them. I’m not trying to be condescending but there really isn’t any other way to put it. Once you summon them, it’s like meeting a person for the first time. There already is a connection being formed in that moment. They’re not your “condom”.


Also, you aren’t required to make pacts at all.


That is a pretty ignorant way of putting it, but yes. You can call any of the spirits, demons, angels, elementals, or whatever only once, and assign them a task in exchange for an offering. However, you will still be connected to that spirit, as per the words of Azazel in EA’s Book of Azazel, paraphrased: The moment you call the spirit, that spirit has been with you always.


At first I thought you meant sexually submissive spirits but now I’m not sure what you mean ha.

It’s something I’ve wondered myself. Succubi and incubi would both be more dominant, wouldn’t they? There are humans out there who are sexually submissive and masochistic. And yet I don’t think there are succubi/incubi that fall under that category. They seem to be beings that demand respect. If you wanted to have sex with a spirit that would be your own whore you might need to construct a servitor for that, but I think their intelligence is quite basic? Which may take out some of the fun. But who knows, maybe there are spirits that are into that, who like abuse. Heck, I like a little abuse every once in a while.

You said ‘ask for something and it’s done’? You mean your own personal slave spirit? I think you’d need a servitor… but even so it’s best to not be cruel to something you created… And I’m not sure how much a servitor could actually do for you, seeing as they get powered up over time by our attention…

There are spirits that can be sexually submissive. There are as many facets to spirit sexuality as there are to human sexuality, so generalizations about succubi and incubi always being dominant don’t really apply.

I wholeheartedly agree though that spirits are not slaves and cannot be treated as a “ho.”


Now that’s the funniest thing I have herd all day.


I know succubi and incubi are capable of being submissive… but is there one of them that are wholly submissive in a masochistic sense? I just have difficulty imagining it.

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I mean Hoes, really!!

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Azazel: Hey come over here, quick!

Lucifer: What now Azazel?

Azazel: snicker see him?

Lucifer: snicker yeah

Azazel: snickering increases to the point of maniacal laughter
He thinks hes gonna get something from us without taking the time to do multiple evocations, invocations, offerings, and actually learning

Lucifer: wait for it Thats a Load of…Barnacles!



Bruh… just thinking like that could be dangerous, I mean all entities are proud beings and you are practically insulting them if you come to them with this attitude :joy:


Obvi you wouldn’t get instant obedience from them ^ Probably why sleeping with Lucifer’s sigil under my pillow didn’t have the same effect the second night I tried it.

But laziness aside guys, I think this is a legitimate question.

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Obviously not from a respectable and well-known entity, I’m thinking just average joe spirits that are out there.

Sorry if i offended. It’s gets annoying sometimes when you hear them speaking. I get locked Into this vibe that disconnects from reality. I thought maybe there was an easier way. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: thanks for the input.

You could try shutting down your astral senses so you don’t get bothered so much. Regular banishing can help, as it removes you from their notice, and can reconnect you to mundane reality, especially if you use an elemental banishing.

If you’re annoyed of them why are you doing this thing at all?
I mean they are not your bitch who just give you what you want for nothing. You are not even grateful that they speak to you at all like wtf :joy:



The only spirits OP will get would be untrustworthy, unpredictable and unreliable ones with that jacked up attitude.

Gods, the very idea of treating a spirit like a tool… just, hilarious.

Go for it OP why don’t you just call up Lilith and see how that goes. :rofl:


Or Paimon for that matter :joy:


Say out loud “I order all spirits that I did not call to me to leave, in the name of the highest powers”. ALucifer told me that and it made me feel better after I did it