Is there anyone who can do black magic by reading the Quran and Bible verses backwards?

I like to try everything on my way so I wanted to ask you. I’ve read on many sites that we can cast black magic and move things in this way, but I couldn’t find how to do it.


You don’t have to read anything backwards to cast curses. You can use some quotes specifically for curses, such as “Set thou a wicked one to be ruler over him, and let Satan at his right hand” from Psalm 109 which is used to send demons to cause someone trouble and other ways you can intend the words. There are other ways to cast baneful magic, you could search this forum for tips or even look for some people’s spells and works.


i have experience with most of your suggestions i just want to try something new.

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Is there anyone who can do black magic by reading the Quran and Bible verses backwards?

Why? The Bible and the Quran are considered powerful books just the way they are. Especially the Old Testament. Many of the angels in the Kabbalah are extracted from the first four books of the Bible called the Torah.


Is this a real thing that people do? Reading holy books backwards?

Or is it just anti-magick (Satanism mostly I’d say) propoganda?


This seems to come from movies, and marketing tricks by musicians. It’s got that emotional and oversimplified feel with the impression of “take something the audience thinks is “good” and reverse it, hey preso spooky bad magic”.

I’ve never heard of this being real in geniune practical magick currents. I’m sure someone stimmenderer tried it, and got it to work because humans are magick, but by itself it’s meaningless.

You’re better off with channelled demonic language.


I opened this topic because we are in a magic forum, not a religious forum. I am aware of the power of these books, which is exactly why I wanted to experience something new, as I explained earlier.

The books don’t have power. The humans using them do. That is the material point. You can enchant items, but that still must be done by a mage.

The text is the text read forwards ot backwards, that doesn’t matter, it still says the same thing. It still has the original intent.

Reading it backwards and layering in an opposing intent is no different than saying your opossing intent forwards in plain language.

Whatever floats your boat. :person_shrugging: Some people just really get into the psychodrama and show. I find theatrics tiresome and a distraction.


Unlike satanism, I learned that it is often used to move objects and while doing black magic. Since I couldn’t find any rituals, I wanted to ask if anyone knows.

There aren’t rituals because it’s Hollywood fake, it’s called larping.

This is a forum for practical magick, in ten years there are almost no posts on this technique. For the reasons i have mentioned.

Just cos it’s written online doesn’t mean it’s real or useful.


I respect your opinion, but I think a little differently about the power of books. I asked a question about the reverse reading of these books and verses, assuming that this method was real, in search of a ritual.

I believe I answered that for my part.

In short, it’s not a real method, it’s hollywool, but, as a mage you can make it real.

It’s probably not that effective, you’re working against a current and you’d have to design the ritual yourself.

Does that make sense?


I personally think that not being talked about a lot does not mean that it is not. When we first started working with demons, we didn’t see them, but we kept going until we saw them and got results and had little success. I’m not sure if it’s a real method yet but I’d like to try it anyway.

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Sure, good luck and let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:


It sounds like you just want validation for something you’re going to do anyway. Why ask, if you’re just going to argue with anyone giving you an answer you don’t want to hear?


Don’t you want to understand what you read? I opened the question by looking for ritual, not verification. I didn’t ask anyone’s permission to do the ritual. I’m interested in the ritual part, not whether it works or whether the Qur’an or other books have an influence. Of course there should be discussion. How can I have information if I don’t open a topic to discuss?

This whole concept of supposedly doing black magick by reading words backwards comes from the idea that Satanism is just Christianity reversed. It’s a myth, invented by Christians, that Satanists chant the Lord’s Prayer backwards in their ceremonies, for example, though some who don’t know any better may play to type.


Thank you very much for answering my question. :pray:

@aslora Hey, you idea is not strange at all instead there are some people practicing it. If you are familiar with the names of the chapters in Quran, there is one chapter called YASEEN i was told there are some people who read it in reverse to counter effect of AL BADR ( Islamic way to clear baneful magic, seek justice, protection etc.).

Or sometimes they use that chapter(YASEEN) and other chapters (that i don’t know yet, they read it in reverse) to put protection and if a person who is protected in this way even if he will do harm to you and you want to take your revenge BELIEVE ME IT WILL NEVER AFFECT THEM it doesn’t matter which deity you will call. I saw this work with my own damn physical eyes.

Another thing, just this past friday i was with this guy, he is adept he told me each chapter in the quran has its uses, there are some for protection, prosperity but there are some for destroying enemies. You will ruin your enemy completely and you don’t read them in reverse at all… but the problem is whatever i tried to gate the names of these chapters he refused to tell … :smile: :smile: he is like “you are going to misuse them, i know you” so these things do exists you are not wrong at all with you idea.

Try to use google you will get much more ideas from there also try to check out this web,
Virtues Benefits of Surah of Quran | Quranic Healing | Sarkar Healing

It gives quranic chapters and their benefits, but ones for baneful purpose just try to search.

For paslms they work, but personally i have not find them effective and the reason i think i have never believed in Christianity in my life, but for you if you ever had faith in them they will just work fine. I hope it is useful, BE BLESSED.

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Finally someone who understands my question, I am really grateful :slight_smile: . I come from a Muslim background and I know the effect of suras and verses. I have had many experiences with havass. I know most of the rituals done by reading straight, but I have learned that it is much more effective when read backwards. I read that for a complete ritual, it is not enough to just read it backwards, it should be written backwards or a blood sacrifice should be made, but I could not find an article explaining this ritual in detail, although I searched google. For example, they say that if (Surah Tebbet) is read backwards, it can turn the lives of the enemies upside down or (Surah Ayatul Kursi). ) read backwards, it is said that it is the first stage of the death spell and it is irreversible, but they add that other materials are needed.

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