Is there any way to make somebody forget something?

Im genuinely curious if you can make somebody forget something. If you have anything let me know.

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Try a binding spell?


Okay i will thanks

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Sure. Many spells. Do that.
You could say specific for specific.
Or general vagueness of events spell either by chant or ritual.

See how your binding goes and share ut here :slightly_smiling_face::eyes:

I have yet to do one because im looking for a good one but i will definitely let you know how it goes

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Easier to create a tulpa which is a thought you mentally insert into your targets mind via a picture or a memory or something else even their sigil.
Enciurage it as being a truth and forget that you have done it.

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The Titan goddess of memories.

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I’ve heard brain damage is effective too.
not everything is magic.

Lol they wanted to know if they can make someone forget something xD

I know, I gave a solid answer.
not the flouncy preferred answer, but a solid one none the less.

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I get where you were going but at the same time I think she wants to make someone forget something (I could be wrong) and brain damage as an answer seems more like either not the exact response or a “yeah go beat their brains in” lol.

I never said go do anything, just that specific areas of the brain when damaged cause you to lose unspecified amounts of memory.

Yes i do want someone to forget something, you are correct

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